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Bathroom Painting Tips for a Tiny Master Ensuite!


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The bathroom is one of the spaces we spend most of our time in when we’re home. It’s a place of relaxation and where everyone spends some quality alone time. This is why it should look very comfortable. If you have a tiny master ensuite, in this article you will find the best tips to choose the right color and make it appear larger and more spacious than before. 

We all crave good and luxurious things in life but sometimes the restricted budget and limited space will make things difficult. Here are some of our favorite tips.

  • Keep it all same tone

 Just because light colors are smart colors to paint small bathroom walls, the entire space does not have to be the same color. However, if you want your small bathroom to feel like the master ensuite that you deserve, keep all colors within the same tone. if you install dark tiles on the floor or in the shower, even though you might use light colors, they will not stand out. The large contrast will clog up space and display how small your bathroom is in reality. This is something that we don’t want. 

  • Paint the ceiling and walls in the same colors

Probably you have noticed this trend of similar, bright colors that are emerging. Well, the same thing goes for the ceiling and walls. A problem we usually face with small bathrooms is short ceilings. As the logic goes, using dark colors for your ceilings will make it seem low, and eventually, space will feel smaller and cramped. Avoid white (unless your walls are also white), which will stop one’s eyes right at the ceiling line. Using the same color for the ceiling and walls will help the eye travel effortlessly throughout the room, making it seem to have the appearance of a larger and wider bathroom.

  • Blend the color of tiles with the color of the walls

Blending your wall color with the shower tiles will make the entire room seem like one continuous space and the bathroom will appear wider and more spacious. Luckily, if you have ceramic tiles installed in your bathroom, you don’t have to replace them. You could paint your ceramic tile to have it all blend in. 

  • Use Light Colors on Doors, Windows & Molding

Light colors do not only apply to the walls and ceilings when it comes to creating an illusion of a bigger space. There are many fixtures and elements in a bathroom that you can paint or augment. Do not forget about the doors, windows, and moldings. Paint your wall trim, window covers, and moldings in a lighter or brighter shade than your walls. When you paint your moldings light, the wall appears farther back, making your small bathroom appear bigger.

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