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Bathroom Painting Services Toronto

bathroom painting services toronto

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Bathroom painting is a different interior painting project you’ll have done in your home. You not only have to keep in mind the potentially humid environment when selecting a paint type but you’re also tasked with selecting a color for a typically small space where the wrong color choice gets magnified.

In most common cases you don’t get the luxury of big windows that fill the room with natural light or a vast amount of extra space to add decorative elements. But that doesn’t mean you should cross it off your list of upgrades. Bathrooms are an incredibly personal space that, with a thoughtful color choice, can feel like the perfect pick-me-up each morning or an at-home oasis in the evenings.

When choosing a color, think about how you’ll want to feel when you’re in your bathroom. After you select a bathroom painting color that captures this feeling, you can add elements like hardware, décor, and all the finishing touches that complement both the color and vibe.

The team JXF Painting Service offers interior painting and color consultation services for projects like a seamless bedroom and bathroom color scheme that could seamlessly flow together– bringing a professional touch to more than one space of your home.

Here are some unexpected but beautiful bathroom painting colors that can help freshen up your space and help you consider other projects along the way.

Beau Green

This color is part of Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview, a collection of bold, saturated colors that are meant to bring spaces to life. If you mix this color with other colors you get a perfect color palette for an elegant bathroom.

It’s a bold color choice but not one that is too overbearing for a small space. It’s just dramatic enough to create a sophisticated vibe that feels so effortless at the same time. Not only will you get a beautiful, professional paint job, but one you know is applied with hot, humid bathroom conditions in mind to lock out moisture and prevent water staining.

Bathroom Painting – Ray of Light

Dealing with a dark, windowless bathroom? Bring in a beam of sunshine with Ray of Light color. A yellow bathroom painting is one of the best colors to energize your morning.

It can be difficult to find the right yellow that’s not overly bright and glaring. This color expertly balances both warm and vibrant qualities. Combine colors to round out one joyous color palette.

Cavern Clay

It’s a warm hue that pulls its inspiration from natural, earthy hues and terracotta. According to Sherwin-Williams, Cavern Clay embodies renewal, simplicity, and free-spirited, bohemian flair. It’s the perfect backdrop for dreaming up your next outdoor adventure while soaking in the tub.

Ripe Olive

This color may be darker than most people would select as part of a bathroom color scheme, but Ripe Olive nicely complements neutral countertops and tiles as well as being one of the more unique bathroom colors. You can combine this deep, moody green with natural wood elements and soft linen accents. Touches of gold in trimming, light fixtures, or bathroom accessories can help make the look modern and refined.

Don’t shy away from dark colors even if your bathroom doesn’t have large windows for natural light. A bold bathroom painting can be daring and energizing. Coordinating colors helps complete this bathroom painting color scheme.

Ravishing Coral

If you want to be reminded of the beach but don’t want to default to a light blue for your bathroom makeover, consider Ravishing Coral. Coral has similar qualities to a salmon or tangerine color and is super trendy in interior design right now.

A fresh coat of Ravishing Coral on your bathroom walls will make you think of your favorite destination beach house every morning while getting ready to start your day.

Bathroom Painting Partner

Still, need some help fine-tuning your bathroom painting palette? JXF Painting Service can help you refresh your bathroom, as well as any other interior painting project you have on your list. Call today at (647) 889-7967 to get a free estimate, or send us an email at [email protected].

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