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I have used JXF on multiple occasions for both my residential properties as well as commercial spaces. The service is simply impeccable, the owner, Chris, was just the most knowledgeable and helpful professional I had encountered in the industry. The prices were very fair and Chris helped me make the executive decisions on what colours to use and what styles to apply. I would highly recommend JXF and Chris for all your painting needs. Victor

Victor Rickers
Victor Rickers June 6, 2022

After we had water damage in our basement we call Chris from Jxf Painting to paint our basement the painters specialize in residential painting service they did an amazing job thank you Jxf Painting Team

Nardi Mane
Nardi Mane March 4, 2022

Chris and his team were amazing. They did an incredible job painting our entire home, and changing our floors. They were friendly, reliable, professional and completed the job so quickly while still providing quality work. I appreciate their positive response towards my feedback and providing a fair price. I would highly recommend JXF painting service.

selvaraj selvin
selvaraj selvin December 23, 2021
Ayesha Irfan
Ayesha Irfan October 20, 2021

I very highly recommend hiring JXF Painting, they are indeed a 5 star company. In searching for a painting company for my 1050 Sq ft condo in Toronto, I called several places but they were never clear about the services they provided. I struck gold when I found JXF Painting. From the moment I met Chris, I felt very confident I was hiring the right company. Chris quoted me a price & told me they would take care of everything, which gave me peace of mind. The contractor who did the painting was Emad. He's a very nice, well mannered person, & he listens to everything very diligently to what needs to be done, even all the minor details. Every single wall in the the condo was covered with all sorts of pictures, of course that left so many many holes behind. When Emad called me to say he had finished the job, upon returning home, I truly thought I walked into the wrong condo. I was so thrilled & amazed as to just how gorgeous &; beautiful everything looked. Emad is a brilliant painter. Incredibly, the job was done I in just under 3 days. When my wife returned home in the evening, very much like myself, was also amazed as she absolutely loved the painting job done by Emad. We are not putting back up any pictures indefinetly as we are both in awe admiring the beautifuly painted walls. in fact, majority of the pictures will never touch these beautiful walls again. Thank you Chris for recommending the right color pant for the base boards. The color I had thought of would have been the wrong choice. On behalf of myself & my wife, Gerry & Juliette would like to truly thank JXF Painting for a brilliant, perfect painting job. Thank you to both Chris & Emad. JXF is definetly a 5 star company.

Gerry Capozzi
Gerry Capozzi October 16, 2021

We call Jxf Painting to repaint the whole house, we are so happy to chose JXF Painting Services and his team to do the job. They were extremely professional, easy to work with them. Jxf finished the job on time and left our place very clean. We would defiantly recommend them to all of our friends and family! Thank you Jxf team

Francesca tesa
Francesca tesa December 10, 2020

I hired JXF Painting to do serious renovation on my house. Renovation included painting trims, doors, basement walls and bathroom, main floor (living room, dining room kitchen and bathroom) and second floor including four bedroom and 2 bathrooms, hallway plus deck outside. The work they provided under Chris Xhelili leadership was extraordinary. Painter showed up every day on time, working 8 hours shift not even taking a break to drink water. He is very, very hard working and polite person. His name is Emad and I cannot even emphasize how much I am grateful to have him working on my house renovation. I should not forget to mention that Chris's other team/contractor design and installed my new stairs and installed new engineered hardwood throughout almost whole house. Again, work was done extremely professionally, on time and with additional help and suggestions. I really appreciate it. They did not want just go easy way to get rid of issues. They did extra steps when was necessary to achieve higher quality and better looking installation and make client happy. And what is important, every time it happened, they explained why this extra step or additional work is really necessary. They always provide their client with more options so I could choose the one that best fit my budget. But the best part actually started with contacting Chris one late evening and asking if they (JXF PS) would be interested to provide me with a quote. Not even 5 min later after my initial e-mail was sent I received call and we scheduled appointment, so Chris would be able to see amount of work and it's complexity. At the end of his visit we reached agreement. I got really, really fair price for the huge work on the house I wanted to get new renovated look. Chris helped with a lot of useful suggestions based on his experience and current trends on the market, so my house is looking very nice after all renovation is done. If I have to give them grade for their honesty, reliability, performance and timing it would be A+++, no doubt in my mind. I feel very comfortable to recommend Chris and his team to any member of my family or friends. Thank you all gentlemen. I hope our path will cross again in the future. Keep doing excellent work as it was done on my house. Respectfully, Drazen Kovacevic, P.Eng

Drazen Kovacevic
Drazen Kovacevic October 11, 2020

Chris helped me turn around my apartment in two weeks. We changed floors, painted, along with other fixes. He uses good quality materials and works with a great time of people willing to help to make sure I was satisfied. Fixing your home is stressful process. Chris was collaborative, quick to respond. I was comfortable having his team at home. Also, he was receptive to feedback. Team came back to fix minor imperfections.

Natalia Moreno Justiniano
Natalia Moreno Justiniano September 14, 2020

We recently had an interior painting project done by JXF. They were very clean, and professional, and they went above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. We highly recommend their services.

Nancy Neumann-Causi
Nancy Neumann-Causi August 24, 2020

JXF Painting Service was an easy company to work with. They were able to handle painting a 3 storey tudor style home without any fuss. Any provision that I requested they were able to work with me and provide. The painters were very focused and nice to work with. The quote was fair for the size of the of the job. I would be happy to recommend this company.

Joanne Madore
Joanne Madore August 23, 2020

We call Jxf Painting to renovated the house creating a separate "his" walk-in closet with access to the master bathroom from an adjacent small unused bedroom and then reducing the size of the original master walk to create a "her" closet and enlarging a bedroom on the other side. The renovation was truly perfect in every way-including matching the new bathroom marble flooring in the new master threshold to existing marble and matching new hardwood flooring to existing hardwood flooring in the new larger bedroom Thank you Jxf Team

Sam Lumasi
Sam Lumasi January 27, 2020

I had my kitchen cabinets, banister, and fireplace painted by JXF and i was blown away. The quality of the finished product is top notch! I was very impressed by how fast the entire project got done as well. But the best part is that they were the best price in town. 10/10 would recommend and i will be calling upon them for the next project.

christopher Bujna
christopher Bujna January 16, 2020

JXF Painting and Chris are highly professional in what they do. I hired them for a painting project and they did an excellent job. The set up, preparation, painting and cleaning was all done timely, exquisitely and with great care. I rarely provide customer reviews but in this case am happy to make an exception. I would recommend Chris and JXF Painting without hesitation.

Qamar Rizvi
Qamar Rizvi November 25, 2019

Chris' team painted our condo, and we had the best experience - smooth, efficient, at a reasonable price, with excellent communication and customer service. Chris accommodated our schedule, was attentive to our wishes as well as provided some valuable advice. We are very satisfied with the result and the experience.

Natalia Mykhaylychenko
Natalia Mykhaylychenko October 1, 2019

I hired JXF painting to paint my industrial unit, not only did they finish on time they also went above beyond the quote with no extra charge, i will absolutely recomend them for any more projects in the future, thank you JXF for making my remodeling project worry free .

dave marsella
dave marsella September 28, 2019

Very professional, I hired them to paint my house. They worked clean and they were also fast.

Jetulla Jashari
Jetulla Jashari September 26, 2019

This is one of the best renovation company I have ever come across. They completed my entire house renovation from bathrooms, to flooring to painting in 1 month. The house was renovated perfectly and when it was handed over it looked absolutely flawless, not a single dust in the house. Fully deep cleaned! Very high quality work and Chris has been always available. He was just a phone call away. Never followed up to finish the work, it was rather completed 1 day in advance. I am incredibly happy with the service. Chris you are simply amazing! I would highly highly recommend JXF Painting Services! Thank you so much for making our house a dream home! Best Regards, Marufa

Marufa Tabassum
Marufa Tabassum September 12, 2019
Aggelos Athanasopoulos
Aggelos Athanasopoulos September 7, 2019
Arvin Reyna
Arvin Reyna July 11, 2019

Very good company high reccomend

CPR24 RESTORATION June 14, 2019

We hired Jxf Painting Service for Industrial painting in our warehouse to paint the ceilings and they did amazing job ill recommend to every body Thanks Jxf Team

robert kane
robert kane May 11, 2019

I hired Jxf Painting Service to paint my entire home, they were very professional and finished ahead of my deadline and they were very flexible to my time and needs, I would definitely recommend Jxf to anyone who is needs painting done.

Albi Gallani
Albi Gallani April 13, 2019

Chris and his crew just finished painting my entire home inside and out. Couldn’t be any happier, very professional, on time and extremely clean. Just found my lifetime painting company. Thanks JXF for making this experience worry free.

david schembri
david schembri April 4, 2019

Great service from Chris and his team! They transformed our newly purchased condo into our dream home. We would rate this company 5 stars for their level of professionalism, attentive to details, from the beginning, throughout the whole process to the very last step of cleaning up. They were able to work with us, to accommodating to our schedule. It was a great experience and surely we will recommend this company to our family members and friends

Neri FYRAJ April 1, 2019

Very professional, fast, efficient and cheap! Thanks to Chris and the team for doing a great job on my place. Thank you Jxf Painting Service

Ermal Dunga
Ermal Dunga March 31, 2019

We had nice experience with JXF Painting, they are professional.

Wayne Li
Wayne Li February 20, 2019

Amazing job from Jxf Painting Service. Everything went so smoothly, from calling up an appointment to picking colors for my house to the actual finished of painting my house. Professional company. Thank you Jxf Painting Service.

julia naves
julia naves February 16, 2019

We were getting our house ready for sale and wanted to give the House a fresh face. We choose Jxf Painting Service because of the great many terrific recommendations on Google. Chris worked with us and helped us pick a fantastic colours to complement the house. Jxf Painting Service team worked diligently to fit us in and have the house completed to enable us to list quickly! Professional company. Thank you Jxf Painting Service

Paulo Limas
Paulo Limas February 13, 2019
Claudia Dombi
Claudia Dombi February 13, 2019

Jxf Painting Service! have become my painters of choice. As a design firm getting a high quality job done on time and on budget is essential, and Jxf Painting Service! helps to ensure we achieve this. Their quality of work and professionalism is best in class. Thanks Jxf Painting Service, I'll recommend to all my friends.

Mariana Kasam
Mariana Kasam February 11, 2019

We had the whole house painted. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and basement. Chris and his team not only did a professional job but had it completed in two days and a very good price. Thank you to Jxf Painting Service, Would definitely recommend

Frank Milo
Frank Milo February 8, 2019

Professional company Thank you Jxf Painting service

Arnold Solollari
Arnold Solollari February 6, 2019

Excellent service! i hired Jxf painting service to paint my house they did Excellent job they finish my house on time. I'll recommend to friends and family without any hesitation. Thank you Jxf Painting.

Mark Luies
Mark Luies February 6, 2019

Wow what a job Chris... Thank you! Highly recommend them.

indrit zaganjori
indrit zaganjori November 27, 2018

Great service from Kris & his team. Eli was very clean, meticulous and paid great attention to detail. Thank you JXF!

Ashley Sellouk
Ashley Sellouk September 27, 2018

Great job painting two floors in my home. They were able to accommodate my requests and made sure the job was done right.

K D September 23, 2018

6/16/2018 We had the pleasure to use Jxf Painting for our new house. They are true professionals that pays very close attentions to details, evident experience and knowledge, accommodating, friendly attitude, efficient and creative. They came through in every aspect, excellence service and quality work from start to finish. A big THANK YOU.

Elton Levani
Elton Levani September 10, 2018

Thank you Jxf Painting Service Very Professional company, Amazing job, very quick, and great clean up afterwards. Great Price, worth using a company like Jxf Painting Service!

Ermira Cifliku
Ermira Cifliku September 10, 2018

I hired JXF painting service for my home and they did excellent job. We are very satisfied and I'll recomend to all of my freinds. Thank you JXF painting for being so patient and clean up every thing for us.

Xheni Cifliku
Xheni Cifliku June 15, 2018

I recently hired this guys for my offices and they did really great job, I am very satisfied. Thank you Jxf Painting

Liku Cani
Liku Cani May 16, 2018

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