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Some Information About Different Types Of Paint

some information about different types of paint

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When you decide to paint the house, there are different types of paint but there are cases that this fact is overlooked. Don’t be overwhelmed by color only as most people do, but be sure to choose the right color and do research about the paint quality. Also, try to minimize the number of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the paint. It is not usually convenient to use this type of paint for the house because can be very hazardous for your health.

Base Coats of the Paint

The Primer

Primer or in other words, the undercoat is a preparative coat that must be used before starting with painting, particularly for walls with an undercoated surface. The primer is the most important part because it increases the durability of the topcoat. Another fact is that it can help you with better adhesion between the topcoat and the surface.

The second based coat: The First coat

It is applied after the primer and it is the decorative part. The first coat can be applied on top of the primer. This helps to optimize the color of the topcoat. Before starting with the top part you have to apply at least one or two coats.

Other Types of Paint

If you have finished with the primary steps, it’s time to choose the decorative paint you want to use for the finishing layer of your wall.

Water-based paints

This type of paint is very similar to oil-based paint. The only difference between them is that the first one has been watered down to reduce costs. This fact doesn’t affect negatively the color of the paint, so feel free to choose that. They have relatively low VOC levels, can dry very quickly, spills can be cleaned with water, they have a stable color that does not yellow over time, and are quite flexible so are resistant to cracking.

Oil-based paints

These types of paint are considered the most durable paints and are used on surfaces like floors. They are used also on walls but take a quite long time to dry. Oil-based paints are also difficult to clean.

Methods on How to Choose Paints

Eyeball It

A very useful method is to go to the store and you could eyeball the paint options. After that, you can easily choose the one that seems closest to the color you want to match.

Paint Matching Apps

A lot of paint companies offer mobile apps to make paint matching a breeze. This helps you to take a photo of the painted surface you would like to match, upload it and you will take that manufacturer’s closest colors.

Pull From a Fabric or Thread

If you have a spool of thread, a favorite shirt, a throw pillow, or something else in your desired color you can find the paint color. You can take it and send it to the experts from the paint company. They easily can determine the exact combination of paint pigments needed to recreate the desired color.

Take a Photo

If you wouldn’t like to use an app, you can take a picture with your phone, be sure to have natural light in the room. After that, you can go to the paint store and find the color very closely with your photo spectrophotometer.

Enlist a Color Matcher

Simply, you can use one most useful method which is a color matcher model. It is used to find exactly your paint color.

Cut Your Sample

If you are not sure that other methods work, collect a sample to take to the paint store. The store team will use their spectrophotometer to analyze the chip and match it to their brand’s closest color.

Don’t Let Your Home Looks Old

Of course, many people get tired of their homes if they don’t refresh them often. Making an interior refresh can be much easier than you may think, and not always mean buying new furniture.  Here are some tips on how to refresh your home.


The first tip is to rearrange all the rooms. Moving furniture around in all rooms may help you to have more space. This is essential to do before you decide to hire a commercial painting and decorating company. Changing the TV place or the bed place makes a difference and gives your home much more space.

Deep clear-out

The second tip is to do a deep cleanup. There are cases where you have to do a rearranging but it may not be worth it if you don’t make a seep clear-out and put away all the old furniture.

A lick of paint

An easy thing to do is revitalize your room by giving it a lick of paint. This helps the room look more attractive.

Best Types of Paint for Ceiling and Methods of Painting

By applying a few tried and trusted methods, you can choose the best types of paint for your ceiling. We as an experienced painting company recommend the best types of paint for a ceiling and the ways to apply them.


To paint the ceiling can be harder than you might think. You have to use high-quality drop sheets. And also using high-quality paint because it is the most viewed part inside a room.

Tale of the Tape

Even if you have chosen very quality paint, taping-up is especially important for ceiling painting. This helps to protect existing paint jobs from splatter.


Making the ceiling painting process that much easier, it’s the best method to cut in. This is achieved by painting a kind of border on the edge of the ceiling and then the other part. As a result, you need an oil-based paint. It is simple to use and to apply on difficult parts like a ceiling.

Ready to Roll

The best type to paint your ceiling is rolling in parallel with the natural light source. You can easily apply the paint by rolling in all ceiling parts. If you have huge areas it is recommended to split the ceiling into sectors.

Choose a Partner to Help You

To choose the best types of paint for your interior or exterior house painting or the methods on how to apply, you need a partner. JXF Painting Service is the best solution to all your needs. We also have an experienced and qualified team, we use always the highest quality paint and apply the best techniques for painting.

So, feel free to contact us here.

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