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Color Trends for Exterior Painting Services

color trends for exterior painting services

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If you decide to paint the house, make the right preparations before you start painting. Even if it can be a little bit of extra work the right preparation helps the lifespan of your next paint job. Before starting with exterior painting services you have to take care to smooth and scrape any loose paint or already-damaged areas.

Another important thing is to choose a professional exterior painting services company for your exterior painting. This is because in some cases builders install siding and trim right up to the roofline without sealing the edges near the shingles. You as a homeowner maybe will not detect this part.

Choosing the right company gives you the opportunity to a fairly simple fix.

Here we will tell you some steps that you should keep in mind when prepping exterior house areas for a new coat of paint.

  • Firstly, you have to cut all the siding and trim. In this way, you can create a one-inch gap between them and the roofing edges. This serves to keep direct contact and allows you to seal the ends of the boards on the roof. After that, you can paint that part and feel free so that doesn’t continue to absorb moisture.
  • Secondly, you have to scrape and remove all paint on pieces that can be saved. But if you find any rotting space or damaged boards, cut them or change all boards.
  • During the cut of siding pieces, ensure to not cut any other part. This can cause several other problems. It’s recommended to use a hacksaw or dovetail saw to cut down and after that use a utility knife to finish the cut.
  • After you finish the cut, use duct tape instead of masking tape to protect shingles and flashing from the new paint. Use also available foam brushes to apply the water repellant to any surfaces before you paint

Tools and materials you need during exterior painting:

If you have decided to paint the exterior house by yourself, we as an experienced painting company will recommend the most necessary tools and materials you will need during the painting work.

  • Tools: caulking gun, hammer, paint scrapers, putty knives, extension ladder (on high areas), needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, snips, paintbrushes, foam brushes, pry bar, reciprocating, sanding blocks, sandpaper, and of course safety gear, etc.
  • Materials: water-repellant, wood sealer, caulk, paint, primer, shims, wood filler, siding nails, painter’s tape, duct tape too, etc.

The Most Interesting Exterior Painting Trends:

After you have prepared your house for exterior painting services, now it’s time to discuss the painting color. A simple coat of paint can change and update your area and even add to the property value. Here are the most interesting exterior painting trends for this year.

The Blue Color

The blue color is considered as a popular exterior color. For decades it is used always a quiet, paler, unassuming blue. But today, the trend has changed. Are a number of bold and unique shades of blue, that offer a coastal stylish or other blue bold segments inspired from sky-color that may create a serene backdrop right on the exterior of your home.

The Black One

Have you ever think to paint your exterior house black? You may think that is terrible but in 2023 the black color is still a trend. It is not very popular but is used by designer homes and styles. This color offers a modern style.

The Taupe Color

Years ago this color was considered the standard and gloomy color. But nowadays it expresses a sense of neutrality with a warmth that you can’t find in a lot of greys and darker colors. It is considered as a simple color and very attractive.

The Charcoal Gray Color

Years ago everyone has used light grey, but more and more people are going to dark grey for the exterior of their home. The charcoal grey color is considered as a statement of sophistication and style. It’s a formal color and it can definitely increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home.

What about Olive Green?

In most cases, the olive green color is used as an interior painting color, but nowadays it is considered a new trend for exterior painting services. This color gives the opportunity of different shade variations and possible names, by providing the same elegant finish.

The Forest Green Color

Combining a darker green with dark accents create a unique look like a forest. This color is called forest green. This color is becoming more and more popular for a bold exterior statement.

The Tan/Beige Color

If you are thinking of light exterior painting colors the beige color is the right one. In general, the color offers neutrality. If you would like a perfect combination, beige can looks great with accents in reds, browns, and blues to create a bold statement with a pop of color.

Red Color

If you would like to choose a bold color red is the right one, but remember that it needs a shade chose carefully. The red one is one of the trends for 2023 and it is becoming more and more popular.

Would You Like a Brown Color?

It is now the most required color for exterior painting services. It is considered warm and inviting, and when paired with the right trim, make a big statement in any house.

Neutral Base/Bright Trim

Using neutral colors for the base of the home, such as a grey or beige tone it is a trend for many years. You may combine that with turquoise or browns with bright greens for something different.

How to Choose the Best Exterior Painting Services

To choose the ideal color for your exterior house painting can be a challenging task. But remember that you haven’t to be limit yourself out of fear. There are several ways that can help you to choose the best color for your house. All that you need is an exterior painting services company. We will take care of everything. Feel free to call us at (647) 889-7967 or to send us an email at [email protected].

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