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Painting Trends For Your House From JXF

latest house painting trends

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Looking for new painting trends in your house? Would you like to freshen your space? Before thinking about a home renovation, painting might be the best solution.

No matter if you are looking to change the brightness in the kitchen or to create a comfortable atmosphere in the living room, painting trends are very effective methods to achieve the best results. Of course, there are several types of painting, so you can create a unique space within your home.

JXF Painting Service has some painting trend ideas for you

Dark Walls

Years ago having a dark wall was an interesting trend of house painting color. But nowadays the trend is the reverse. JXF Team recommends not going any darker. It is no longer a favorite trend. People want to use natural colors. We recommend also being strict and conservative in case you are planning to sell your house soon.

Mustard Yellow

The yellow color is not a strange color for painting homes. There are a lot of houses that use bright sunshine yellow to add life and light to spaces like the kitchen or around a breakfast bar and in several cases for exterior painting.

Anyway, we as experts recommend going a little darker with the yellow to make a unique statement. Use mustard yellow, it’s a unique color and a great option for small spaces.

Use Coral

The coral is one of the most interesting painting trends for a house. If you alternate between orange and pink, coral is an excellent option for those who live in coastal areas or those who want to add a bold touch of color to their homes. But remember that you have to find a way to use it as an accent.

Painting with Grey

Last 5 years the grey color has started to become very popular. Light grey is a very interesting alternative for wall colors to traditional white. It helps also to create a cooler but still neutral space that works well with a wide range of other colors.

Colored Trim

Years ago, interior trim usually matched the wall color: white baseboards on white walls. But today painting trends are to make the trim stand out and to carry that statement throughout the entire home. This means to make a mixed painting. Using light blue could add an airy feel, while grey would be a little more calming. You can also combine the room’s furnishings, such as pairing grey trim with a grey carpet to add visual appeal and tie the entire room together.

The Importance of Using the Right Tools

Painting is considered an easy task until you delve into the process and realize that it’s going to be a little more complicated than you originally anticipated. You have to know that the paint is a process that isn’t a lot of effort but using the right tools for the job can make all the difference.

It’s essential to ensure that you have chosen the brushes and other painting tools that suit the type of work that you’re doing.

Using high-quality brushes will hold more paint, which means they get the job done faster. You also have to understand that some paints and stains are only designed for use with a specific type of brush or applicator.

The most interesting interior painting trends for 2021:

A lot of people think that the term “painting trends” is just a word. But you have to know that trends make your house more modern and attractive. Here are the most interesting painting trends for this year.

The Green Color (Olive)

This color has changed over the years and has come and gone but this year it’s back. The top of green for 2021 is olive. It makes a perfect accent for trim and not only. Olive green is easily adapted to off-white and grey color too. It can be attractive if you use it in a living room, dining area, or even the kitchen.

The Mix Lilac-Grey

Homeowners who like the classic versions can use a mixed color like lilac grey. It is a combination of greys that have an undertone of blue or purple. This color is light but still formal, so you can use it in a formal dining room.

Mustard Yellow Color

Using the yellow color for interior house painting it’s not something new. But the mustard yellow color is not very used. For 2020 this color is a painting trend. It offers a slightly earthier finish than a bold or bright yellow.

The Clay

If you like neutral colors like beige, taupe, off-white, or eggshell, clay is the new trend. It is a color darker than a neutral color but it’s perfect to combine in living rooms or dining rooms.

The Apricot Orange Color

The orange color is a friendly color for everyone. In most cases, it is used for exterior painting but this not mean that you can’t use it inside. If you use an apricot-orange shade or a pumpkin spice shade, your space will be marvelous. The most recommended rooms to use this color are the dining rooms.

What do you think about the Charcoal Grey Color?

This color is a branch of the grey and one of the most interesting painting trends for 2021. You can use the charcoal grey color to create a unique look. It goes well with multiple colors without needing to rely on white or wood trim.

The Mushroom Color

Have you ever thought that a mushroom color would be a trend? The mushroom shades are the perfect color to create neutral tones inside your house. You can use it in an entire room for a calming, but inviting effect too.

Choose Professional Painters

Rather than spending hours picking out the perfect paintbrush or thinking about painting trends, spend that time picking out a professional painter to do the work for you. If you are trying to execute or plan your next painting project, choose professional painters like JXF Painting Service because with our experience and with our qualified team we will help you.

So, feel free to call us at (647) 889-7967 or to send us an email at [email protected].

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