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What is the Best Paint Color for Dark Rooms?

best paint color for dark rooms

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As always, it seems like that dark room not privileged with sunlight exists in every house. When painting a house, this room can bring a lot of question marks. The first thing that comes to mind is WHITE paint. You might think that white will brighten up space but we forget that white is vibrant and bright because it reflects the light. In a room with no such light, white won’t be a good choice. It will make the room lose dimension and make it look even darker. If white is out of the list, what you should choose instead? We suggest cool, pastel, and warm-toned shades. They will make any space edgier, comfier, and stylish. These kinds of rooms need more saturated colors because of the missing light to reflect.

What is the Best Paint Color?

When renovating and painting your house, there is almost all time a dilemma. You can have a dark room and paint it a light color and think that’s it but without the right lighting and the right furnishing, it’s going to look boring and still dark. Here are some ideas that our professional team has on what color you should pick to paint dark rooms that might help you out.

Pastel blue

This color makes you feel dreamy and like you’re floating in a clear sky. It’s a simple and clean color that will make any bedroom or bathroom go from dim and dark to bright and clean.

Pale or bright yellow 

When natural light is missing, bright colors are the best way to mimic light and make it look like sunlight hits the walls all day. Yellow pairs well with wood or white and will make any space warmer.


This is a color with so much range. From the ones barely there to warm purple based shades. You can paint with this color any room in your house like the living room, bedrooms, hallways, or bathrooms. It will add warmth and brightness. You can pair it with white or light gray furniture for a modern simple look. 

Pastel, burnt, or bright orange

You might think this is kind of a wild color to choose for a dark room but trust us, it’s not that bright neon orange. Cool-toned oranges like pastel or warm-toned ones like burnt orange will give your darkroom a more edgy and sophisticated feel. For the best results pair it with wood furniture.

All shades of brown

These colors work wonders for these kinds of dark rooms with not much light. Any room painted with this range of shades will look cozier and they can be paired with all types of furniture and give you a modern, classic, or simple feel, depending on your style.


Stick to the bright and soft shades and you’ll be surprised with the way it will turn out. This is a very elegant color and will give you a contemporary interior design. For a brighter look, pair it with white accents. 

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