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Should You Paint Over Mold?

should you paint over mold

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You’re mistaken if painting over moldy areas will fix the problem. It will cover it quickly, and the mold will most likely appear again. One way to have longer-term results is by using anti-mold or mold-killing paint. The chemicals on these paints can be specific to demolish mold, but again, mold thrives when the space is moist, damp, and warm, so the best you can do is find the source, fix that, and after painting the walls.

If the mold is created from longtime neglect and no painting for years, then mold inhibitor paint can be considered. You can purchase many sites that sell pain, and there are many options to choose from. But, before putting paint over mold, clean it and eliminate it.  

Don’t Consider Mold As Dirt or Just a Stain.

People don’t do their research correctly for mold and forget that it doesn’t mind paint or anything if it has energy and a food source. Mold can eat through paint without a problem and cause discoloration and stains.

Only putting paint on walls will cover it up for some days, and also don’t rely on anti-mold primers or paints. Without taking care of the primary source of the mold, it will appear again and sometimes much worse. 

So, What Steps to Take to Fix It?

There are many ways to get the perfect result, but first, you have to get rid of the mold before doing anything else.

  • Identify. The first step is to identify the type of mold you are dealing with. All types of mould can bring visual and structural problems and can be a health hazard. Mold exposure brings respiratory issues, headaches, and allergy problems. After you know the mold type, the next step is to inspect the source. Where is the moisture that is causing mold to thrive? Try fixing that up so you won’t face mold problems again. 
  • Clean. After inspecting and identifying, go for a clean with the proper cleaners and chemicals. Maybe you might need to scrape the previous paint that is molded up.
  • Prime. After cleaning and having the wall ready and with no traces of mold, use an anti-mold primer to be extra safe.
  • Paint. The last step is painting. After doing all these steps correctly, you will have the best results, and no mold will ruin your life. 

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