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How to Remove Stains From Walls

remove stains from walls

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After you paint the walls, you would like to keep them in that way for a long time. Removing stains from walls is important. When you dust the walls with a microfiber dusting cloth or use a soft-bristled vacuum attachment, you’ll remove dust and dirt and prevent build up over time. Anyway, you think that it’s better to give your walls a good wipe down at least once or twice a year.

How Should I Wash My Walls?

You know that a simple solution of vinegar and water is great for washing your walls as part of regular maintenance. When you wipe down your walls, make sure you wring out your sponge or cloth very well before you wipe—you don’t want any excess water to drip down. You should also avoid using scrubbers, as these can leave scratches or marks on your walls.

How to Remove Stains From Walls

When you are trying to remove stains from walls, a cleaning eraser may be the answer. These special sponges are ideal for spot cleaning and can work wonders on stains of any type. Remember to be sure to test it out on a small spot on your wall before you scrub a larger area. Be careful also, not to scrub too hard, or you could end up making the stain worse.

If something goes wrong and you need something a little stronger to clean your walls, consider the type of paint before you apply anything. Another thing to know is that some specific kinds of stains are trickier to deal with than others. To deal with them you need professional help.

How To Remove Oil/Grease Stains From Walls

It sounds simple, but when dealing with oil or grease stains, the first step should be dish soap and water. Or if you need something stronger, a special wall cleaner can be used. But before you spray anything on the walls, make sure it’s compatible with the type of paint on your walls. If you’re unsure, do a small test spot before you clean the whole wall.

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Painted Walls

Most coffee stains should come out with just a gentle cleanser, such as dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner. The trick for coffee stains is to apply the cleaner with a soft-bristle brush. Be sure to work gently—if you use too much pressure you could leave marks behind on your wall. Next, wipe off the surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

How To Remove Stickers From Painted Walls

Kids love stickers and really love sticking them on every surface possible. Once they’ve been stuck to a wall, they can be tough to remove without causing damage to the paint. It may take a few steps, but it can be done! First, gently try to peel it off; start at one corner and work your way around when you hit a spot that doesn’t easily lift off. This should make it easier to get the rest of the sticker off. Vinegar can also help to remove adhesive residue—fold a paper towel and wet it with white vinegar, then hold over the sticker spot for a minute or so. It should loosen the adhesive and allow it to wipe off. In this way, you remove stains from walls.

Remove Pencil Marks From a Painted Wall

When you notice pencil marks on your wall, the primary step is easy—simply try to erase them with a pencil eraser or art gum eraser. If this doesn’t work, you can rub the spot gently with a cleaning eraser sponge. For extra stubborn marks, we recommend dipping the corner of a damp cloth in baking soda and then gently rub it along the mark. Repeat as needed and then wipe the baking soda off with a clean damp cloth.

If you have an extremely stubborn stain that won’t come off, you may have to paint over it. Depending on the condition of the paint on the walls, you may be able to get away with just a quick touchup of the spot. However, you might also find that it’s better to just repaint the entire wall.

Choose Professionals

If you have a wall stain that you need to paint over, we will be happy to take a look at it for you. With many years of experience, our team can help remove stains from walls and make you feel free from stains. Book your free estimate today at (647) 889-7967!

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