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Painting Kitchen Walls That Are Already Painted

painting kitchen walls that are already painted

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You just got a house, and the kitchen walls have previous paint, or you feel tired looking at your kitchen’s old painting job. You can paint over the old colour with some tips and tricks in this article. 

Painting kitchen walls is more straightforward than painting bedrooms or living rooms because of the limited wall space. Most of the wall space is occupied by cabinets. 

But what if your significant other tells you one day that the bright-coloured kitchen walls are not their favourite anymore and they want a change? How will you lay that white upon that burnt orange brick-coloured wall? Here’s how our tips will come in handy.

Painting Kitchen Walls that are Already Painted

Clean up prep before

The first prepping step is to clean the walls for any stains so the paint job you will do will not appear patchy and uneven. Also, these stains or impurities can affect how the painting sticks to the walls and act as a barrier. If they affect the new painting job, this will lead to future flaking. Be aware of mould stains since the kitchen tends to be a moist and humid space with warmer temperatures than the rest of the house because of the cooking that takes place there. Don’t damage the walls with chemical cleaning solutions. 

Check the wall for any cracked areas or flaked previous paint, and lightly scrape to ensure the surface is smooth and clean. The flaky texture will affect the finished results. For any nail holes or other cracks, use plaster to fill them in. if necessary, sand down the entire wall if you feel like it’s very messy for another new paint job on top. 

Consider if you should prime or not

Whether it needs it or not, it’s always a good idea to prime for the best results. The primer will ensure that the paint is sealed and does not go anywhere. Also, it will affect the paint’s vibrance. If the colour change is very different, you will need a primer. One coat of primer will do the job perfectly, but if the change is dramatic, you might need two coats. 


Use painter’s tape to avoid messy lines or bleeding and windows or doors being splashed. 


Make sure the roller is well coated before you start painting but not too much to avoid dripping and not to miss any areas. If there are corners that the roller can’t get into, try using a smaller brush for details. Coat evenly, and don’t make it patchy.

Second coat

After you finish the first coat, let it dry and see the results to find out where the colour needs extra work. After it’s dried, go for the second coat to seal the deal. Be careful not to use too much paint for a smoother finish. 

In conclusion, painting is fun if you feel creative, but it also can be a pain if you don’t prepare the space and yourself beforehand. If you think it’s complicated and overwhelming to DIY it for any reason, then the best thing you can do is hire professional painters to do the job, and they will be more than happy to help you. 

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