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How Often You Should Paint Different Parts of Your Home

how often you should paint different parts of your home

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Painting the interior of your home may be a significant undertaking, especially if you do it all at once. People naturally have a lot of questions about it. Specifically, how often should you repaint your house?

There isn’t a single official explanation. Many elements must be considered, including wear and tear, how frequently the rooms are used, and what they are used for. Each room is unique—high-traffic areas will most likely require more frequent painting, but others might go for years before needing to be replaced. Of course, occasionally, it may be wholly determined by décor choices—for example, you may wish to refresh specific areas more frequently than others.

How Often Should Interior Rooms Be Painted?

It varies per space, but with adequate paint and prep work, a paint job may last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. On the other hand, the most “lived-in” areas will necessitate more regular paint upgrades.


Because adult bedrooms aren’t often the most used rooms, they won’t need to be painted as frequently. They aren’t high-traffic areas, so people aren’t constantly touching or bumping into the walls. As a result, interior paint jobs in ordinary bedrooms might last five years or more.

Children’s rooms are a whole other story. They see a lot more action since they are frequently used as playrooms for more than one youngster. Because of all the activity, the walls are more prone to become soiled or damaged during recreation. To ensure the paint lasts as long as possible in a child’s room, use a highly durable finish, such as eggshell or a pearl/satin shine. Even if you use lasting paint, the walls will need to be washed more regularly, which means you may need to repaint in 3-4 years, if not sooner.

Living And Dining Rooms

Because a formal living or dining room is rarely utilized, the paint tends to remain longer than in other rooms. These rooms also feature more furniture, a buffer preventing people from touching the walls. In these cases, you’re more likely to repaint the interior because you want to change up the aesthetic of your room rather than battle wear and tear. These voids can last anything from 5-7 years and potentially longer.


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, and as such, it is a highly active room. They are subjected to much wear and tear from everything in a kitchen. Because there are usually people in the kitchen, they are more likely to bump into and touch the walls than in other areas.

Kitchen cabinets and walls painting also tend to become dirty more easily—cooking splatters, grease, and food prep sometimes necessitate frequent washing, which might affect how long your paint lasts. Even if you pick the most lasting paint finishes, kitchens require more frequent painting than other rooms in your home, and they should be repainted every 3-4 years on average.


Bathrooms are another room that is regularly utilized. Again, people will likely touch the walls more frequently, especially in a tiny bathroom or powder room. The biggest concern with bathrooms, though, is humidity and moisture, which can shorten the life of your paint. Bathrooms and other high-humidity spaces, such as laundry rooms, typically require repainting every 3-4 years.

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