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How to Pick Gray Paint So Your Walls Look Perfect

how to pick gray paint so your walls look perfect

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Gray keeps the crown as the most popular and preferred paint colour for homeowners, and they are not wrong. You have many shades to choose from, starting with warm, cool, light or bold greys. Some factors determine the intensity of the colour you should choose for your room. Grey, a highly versatile colour, can provide a fresh backdrop for decor and will coordinate beautifully with any style, design, or aesthetic you select for that room. 

Even though grey is a very flexible colour, it can sometimes be complex and challenging due to its shifting undertones and sensitivity to natural light levels. Consider some things before choosing the right grey, so your walls look perfect, no matter the light or the undertone. This article has listed some tips for selecting the right grey. 

How to Pick Gray Paint So Your Walls Look Perfect

  • The first step is looking through the undertones put into the grey paint. Undertones are other cool or warm colours added to the pigment to provide nuance and different shades. They are added in tiny amounts, but sometimes light can make them show up more than needed after the paint has been added to the walls. To avoid this, consider testing the shade on the part of a wall or paper before making a choice. 
  • Another significant factor that affects the way greys appear to the human eye is lightning. If you have a window that faces the room and you can see the direct sunlight, the greys will appear cooler and less blue. If you don’t have direct sunlight, the colour will appear duller. Another lightning factor is the artificial lights we use (lightbulbs). Depending on the colour of the light they provide, the grey might appear warmer-toned or cool-toned. 
  • If we talk about matching and styling, if you already have a furnished room and you are just painting the walls, and your chosen colour is grey, try adding the colours of your furniture as undertones to the grey for a complementary look and to avoid clashes of colours.

In conclusion…

Talking about grey, we can say that it’s a colour that is not a colour, and as bizarre as it sounds, it is true. Grey walls are just canvas fed by other colours around the room and the lighting source and behave differently in each setting. 

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