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Best Paint for Interior Walls

best paint for interior walls

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Who do you think is the best company for interior painting and the best paint for walls? If you plan on giving your house interior a fresh coat of paint then you most likely want it to be of the best possible quality and the best possible combination with your furniture and decor. But choosing the best of the best can get pretty hard when even the paint aisle down your local hardware store offers you an astonishingly high number of color options to choose from. Furthermore, choosing the color is just the beginning of the challenge as there are tons of brands and varieties for each color. Listed below are some tips on how to choose the variety of paint you need plus some latest trends on the color palette you might want to consider for your interior walls.

Qualities of Varying Interior Paints

As mentioned above interior paints come in quite a few varieties, each with different qualities and properties. Take them into consideration when choosing your product to avoid common pitfalls.

Surface Adequate

There are a few types of interior paints you should consider based on the surface you will paint over:

  1. Water-based (Latex / Acrylic)
  2. Oil-based (Alkyd)
  3. Water-based alkyd variant (properties of oil-based but releases less harmful fumes)

For walls and rarely used furniture consider going for water-based, acrylic, or latex-based paint which offers a more consistent finish. For general furnishings like bathroom and kitchen cabinets, doors and such go for the oil-based or the water-based alkyd variant preferably as they offer more impact and higher resistance to rot.

Paint Primer

You will most likely find them labels such as “Paint and Primer”. They bring the advantage of having improved adhesion to the surface build into their binding agent which means that you won’t need to run a primer coat separately.

VOCs free

VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds” which refers to chemicals that can be found in some water-based and oil-based paints. They tend to evaporate easily and then release toxins in the air. VOCs can induce health risks such as nausea, headaches, and even dangers like kidney and liver damage. So naturally, you are advised to look for paint products with labels like “VOC-free” to ensure the safety of your health.


To minimize the amount of time you are exposed to VOCs as much as possible you should consider “short-dry-time” paints that dry and cure much faster. If going for based paints, look for ones that dry to the touch in around one hour and cure within 30 days. Oil-based, likewise, should dry to the touch in around six to eight hours and cure within a week.

Trends for interior wall color palette

Light Pink

If you are tired of usual classics like white and beige, light pink will probably pique your interest. Light pink,  is a soft and airy pink that flatters any space and plays well with other colors.

Naval Blue

Naval blue is quite the bold color and can be easily considered the boldest of the colors listed here. It offers a combination of the power of nature with timeless confidence.

Porcelain Blue

“Chinese Porcelain”, or more descriptively Porcelain Blue, won as PPG’s Color of the Year due to its perfect blend of cobalt and moody ink blue. The color is inspired by the color of the sky and the sea and it aims to destress people from the stresses of everyday life.

Calming Green

As its name implies “Calming Green” is a calm and gracious color. It is considered “nature’s neutral as it inspires you to go out and embrace everything nature has to offer. “Back to Nature”, aptly called so by its creator Behr, is an achievement of the combination of light and dark green.

Bombay Pink

“Bombay Pink” comes from the experts at Valspar who combined 12 beautiful hues with the intent to make the indoor as serene as the outdoor and it’s described as “a mature pink that is confidently cheerful like a spring sunset”. Much like “Calming Green”, “Bombay Pink” encaptures nature’s everlasting beauty in its essence.

Further advice

In the general sense of ways, the above tips should give you a pretty good idea of how to choose the paint for your interior walls but in case you require more information about the matter you can contact painting professionals to help you find the perfect balance between quality, color and paint properties.

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