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Average Bathroom Painting Cost In Toronto

average bathroom painting cost in toronto

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The cost of painting a bathroom in Toronto typically ranges between $350 and $550. This price variation is influenced by several factors, including the size of the bathroom, the quality of paint and materials used, the complexity of the job, and the rates charged by different painting contractors.

Size of the Bathroom

  • Area Measurement: An average bathroom in Toronto is between 80 and 100 square feet. The cost of painting is often calculated per square foot, which means larger bathrooms will naturally incur higher costs.
  • 2016 Estimates: According to the Bath Association’s 2016 estimates, the average cost for painting a bathroom of this size, including materials and labor, is around $550.

Factors Affecting Cost

  1. Quality of Paint: Higher quality paints, which are more durable and offer better coverage, can increase the cost.
  2. Labor Costs: The expertise and experience of the painters play a significant role in determining the labor costs. Professional painters might charge more, but they often provide superior quality and efficiency.
  3. Preparation Work: The amount of prep work required, such as repairing wall damages, sanding, and priming, can also affect the total cost.
  4. Complexity of the Job: Features like high ceilings, intricate trim work, or the need for multiple colors can add to the complexity and cost.
  5. Geographical Location: Prices may vary within Toronto based on the specific location and the local market rates.

Timeframe for Completion

  • The duration of the painting project can span a few days, depending on the complexity and the painters’ schedule. It’s important to discuss timelines with the contractor to ensure it aligns with your plans.

Why Homeowners Choose to Paint Their Bathrooms

  • Aesthetic Appeal: A fresh coat of paint can significantly enhance the look and feel of a bathroom, making it more visually appealing.
  • Comfort: Painting can transform a bathroom into a more comfortable and relaxing space, which is essential since it’s a frequently used area of the home.
  • Property Value: Updating a bathroom with a new paint job can increase the overall value of the property, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

Budgeting for Bathroom Painting

  • Setting a Budget: Before embarking on a painting project, it’s crucial to ensure that the costs fit within your budget. Consider getting multiple quotes from different contractors to find the best deal.
  • Unexpected Expenses: Always allocate a portion of the budget for unforeseen expenses that might arise during the project.


The cost of painting a bathroom in Toronto is influenced by various factors, including size, paint quality, labor, and the complexity of the job. Homeowners opt for this renovation for aesthetic enhancement, comfort, and property value improvement. Proper budgeting and understanding these factors can help ensure a successful and satisfying bathroom painting project.

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