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Exterior house painting is a difficult process but with exterior house painting contractors, your work it’s easier. JXF Painting Service will be able to help and to organize all the things before starting.

First Question: What to do?

Exterior house painting contractors like us will help and will list all the things you need to prepare before starting the house paint.
Here we have the most common recommended things:


Of course, a house has n array of “things” around the house walls particularly the blindside. Things that can come to mind are overgrown shrubs & grass, stacks of firewood & tiles, building materials, furniture, bikes, or anything else. We as exterior house painting contractors recommend you to have at least 1 meter of space distance between your things and the walls during the painting.

Different Plants

It’s known that they have shrubs and trees that can touch the house and fences. As a result, we advise you to cut or trim them to provide access and also so they aren’t brushing on wet paint. We can take care of tie back branches during our work.

Making a plan

Having the right conditions you can make your work easier. We need good weather for painting outside. So making a plan is an important point in your exterior house painting.

Power & water

Of course, electricity and water are the most essential things during our work. Electricity helps to run our equipment and the water for washing down and cleaning our brushes.

Clean workspace

Every homeowner has to prepare the house for painting. So before hiring exterior house painting contractors, ensure to have a clean workspace.

Remember that, having windows and doors are tight prior to painting they are likely to stick after painting. The best thing is to have windows and doors replaced or repaired before painting to prevent this.

The Color scheme

When you hire exterior house painting contractors, of course, you advise with them about the house colors. But don’t forget to consult again with them a day before your house painting. This helps to ensure that your colors are matching.

Exterior Hour Painting Contractors – How to choose the color?

Nowadays, most people search online and try to find the colors offered by the various paint companies that can be adapted to their house. It’s the best area to start.

After that, you can go to the hardware shop and look at color cards. Are cases where the color cards look different from the colors you have seen online. But don’t worry every company knows that and will tell the right color you want.

Also seeing the color in your environment and then trying to imagine how it will look on 4 walls is so much easier once you use the sample pot.

Choose JXF Painting Service

We as exterior house painting contractors Toronto have worked with different types of paint and have many years of experience. We use the last methods and the best techniques for painting. Feel free to call us at (647) 889-7967 or to send us an email [email protected].

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