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The Cost of Painting Office Space

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What We do as JXF Painting Service?

Painting your interior is not only for design purposes or external appearance but as you add a layer of paint you add a layer of protection too. “A quality exterior paint job now can help you avoid larger repairs costs in the future.”  

JXF Painting Service is a company that will provide you with the best experience in the market for any services related to residential, commercial, industrial painting, and also drywall repair and other space renovations in Toronto, CA, and all of GTA.

Our staff is qualified, experienced. The team includes construction managers, painters, estimators, engineers, and special inspectors. All very professional.

Our company has over 25 years of experience in this industry. The fact that our work has been a success for almost three decades tells a lot about us.

What is the cost of painting an office space?

When we determine the cost to paint any space we consider some things. First, we measure how big space is, then we inspect the previous paint and any damage to the walls. After all this is done we start discussing the types of materials and paint that is going to be used. A professional painter will charge between $50-$75 per hour. One gallon of paint costs from $40 to 80$ depending on the type of paint and the brand you choose to use. If we do a simple calculation an average office can be 250 sqft. and this can be painted with exactly a gallon of paint. For the best results, it may be needed a second coat so that means 2 gallons of paint. A 250 sqft office will need up to an hour to finish plus considering it will need two coats means 2 hours. Oe gallon approx.$70 times two gallons for the office equals $140 plus the charge from the painter which was approx.$60 times 2 hours equals $120. and that in total can be covered with $260. At this price are not included extra supplies, extra paint, or major prep work.

What are some factors that will bring the price higher?

  • Previous bad work or paint: It may be needed to scrape the previous paint that may affect the result of the new work.
  • Extra prepping: Sometimes paint primers need to be applied. That will cost extra per gallon.
  • Damages on the walls or ceiling: Humidity or air leaking from any hole or damage will need extra work to be fixed.
  • The need for extra paint: There are times when the paint that the customer has requested is not enough so extra paint will be needed.
  • The texture of the walls: If the texture is not appropriate to have the best result, the painters will smooth the walls so the work will be the smoothest.
  • Moving objects from the space: If space is heavily occupied with objects that will make the work hard or impossible, the staff should move them and place them elsewhere.
  • The quality of the paint: This depends on the brand used and the paint type.
  • Extra designs/colors and custom work:  Customers may ask for designs or custom work and we will be more than happy to make it happen but it will charge extra.
  • Paint finishes: This again depends on the brand and the type the customer decides to choose.
  • The location of the office: If the office is located outside the map that our company covers.

Why you should choose us?

By choosing us you have chosen quality and experienced work. We are sure that we will deliver the best results to you. JXF Printing Service Team is committed to every project given to us and we ensure you that any customer’s vision will come to life by our project managers and professional painters and constructors. For more detailed information contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone: (647) 889-7967.

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