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Commercial Painters Toronto

Having a business and wanting to paint it is a hard decision. Dealing with this big investment requires a trusted professional company. Our company is our client’s first choice because of our professionalism. From a house to a commercial building, the exterior paint colors, of course, will not be the same. Whereas a bold color may suit your three-bedroom bungalow on a half-acre lot, it may not work on a larger structure in a business district. As commercial painters Toronto, JXF Painting Service recommends keeping the following considerations in mind when choosing the color scheme for your commercial building.

Commercial Painting vs Residential Painting

You maybe think that they’re pretty simple, but they are completely different types of jobs. Residential painting is for the overall population that needs their home, apartment, shed, deck, or anything personal that they own painted. Commercial painting is for businesses looking to have the interior or exterior building sites painted professionally.

The second big difference is scheduling the paint job itself. Mainly for commercial painting jobs, the professional painters require to work around the business’ office hours so they do not disrupt their work. You have to ensure if you are scheduling your project that these painters can and will work around your schedule.

Residential painting jobs are scheduled too. Anyway, it is more at the time of the painter. This causes the resident to have to take off of work and be home to let the painters in so they can do their jobs. You better be certain to hire someone that is extremely reliable and will show up on time like JXF Painting team.

The Commercial Buildings Typically Are Huge

Commerical-Painting-Metal-Siding-a neutral color palette may be the best option for a large building. Not only will the right neutrals blend with the structure’s surroundings, but they will also more easily complement your business logo or any exterior signage.

Don’t forget, if your commercial building has historic status, know that your options are limited to those approved by the governing body. Be sure to check with the appropriate office in your city if painting a historic building.

Always Consider the Architecture and Exterior Material of Your Build

Color Trends for Commercial buildings in addition to picking a color palette that you like and that would serve your business well, also we recommend to consider the style of building and its exterior materials.

As commercial painters Toronto we advise and tell you that the material itself not only affects the appearance of paint color, but it also may dictate a specific product to use. You know that wood requires different paint than concrete and different paint than stucco to get complete coverage. As your professional painter, we can best advise on this front.

Choose the Right Commercial Painters Toronto

Before choosing a partner, ask if the commercial painters Toronto companies are licensed and insured in order to protect your business and its employees during the application. Also, you can request references and examples, calling past clients to inquire as to the professionalism of the painters and driving by the past projects to see the work done.

As a specialized company in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects painters Toronto, JAF Painting Service provide local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy.

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