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Why Do You Have to Do Drywall Repairs Before Painting?

drywall repairs before painting

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When you hire professional painters to do the interior painting project, it’s important to ask them about drywall repairs. Walls, trim, and ceilings are all prone to minor blemishes like small cracks, and major damage from certain conditions. While you may think that your damaged drywall is just a cosmetic nuisance, drywall repairs are essential if you desire a finished, polished look inside your home.

What causes damaged drywall? 

While drywall is an exceptional product due to its strength and durability, it can’t stay intact forever.  In addition to the obvious wear and tear your interior walls experience from everyday living (e.g. pictures to walls, moving furniture, kids roughhousing), drywall damage often occurs for the following reasons:

Moisture and Temperature Fluctuations

Humidity and temperature changes are common reasons why cracks form and loss of joint tape occurs. A professional drywall repair service can repair drywall cracks and get your joint tape looking as good as new.

Settling of Your Home

House shifting can cause unsightly cracks to develop in your drywall. Before scheduling an appointment for drywall repairs and interior painting, be sure to make sure your painter fixes settling cracks before applying paint.

The Water Leaks

If you see water stains and drywall bowing or bubbling, you could have a slow water leak behind the drywall. Make sure to investigate the wall before repairing the painting.

Why are drywall repairs before interior painting important? 

If you’re thinking about delaying your drywall repairs, or decide to paint over the damage, you take the risk of your topcoat paint flaking off. The look of your home interior and the completed paint job will also suffer from holes, cracks, and other aesthetic flaws.

Hiring a professional drywall repairs service like JXF Painting Service before interior painting is essential for these reasons:

  • Repairing cracks, holes, or dents in your drywall will result in a smoother interior paint application that lasts. A smooth, fresh paint application performed by our professional painting team can enhance the entire look and feel of your home interior.
  • Drywall repairs leave the elements outside where they belong. The most important function of your home’s drywall is that it keeps wind, moisture, pests, and insulation from entering your home. But when your drywall develops holes or cracks, these things can get inside your house.
  • Cold or warm outdoor air exposure due to cracks and holes in drywall can negatively impact energy efficiency.

Drywall Repairs – How much do they cost?

Pricing for drywall repair varies and depends on the extent of the damage. A professional drywall repair service like ours will factor in how much labor and materials will be needed to get the job done well and on time. By giving you a free drywall repairs quote you will know the exact price you will pay so there won’t be any surprises. You’ll also receive written explanations of what steps are necessary to keep your home interior looking great.

Some tips for Patching Drywall:

  1. Use Self-Priming Filler
  2. Use Setting Compound for Big Holes
  3. Make a Dent for the Patching Compound
  4. Cover Cracks with Repair Spray
  5. Fill a Row of Holes with One Swipe
  6. Skim-Coat Areas with Lots of Dings or Holes
  7. Seal Exposed Drywall Paper Before Patching
  8. Use Stick-On Patches for Midsize Holes
  9. You Can Spray on Wall Texture
  10. Use a Raking Light When Patching Walls

 What Do I Need to Repair a Hole in The Drywall?

  1. Spackling paste
  2. Medium grit sanding sponge
  3. A putty knife
  4. A dust mask or respirator
  5. Mesh tape or repair patch

Steps to Drywall Repairs:

Compound Interest

Drywall has two compounds that are lightweight and all-purpose. They are simple to work and also have a shelf life at room temperature of about nine months. Depending on what part of the house you have to repair, you have various types and quantities of buckets of the material. The difference amind lightweight and all-purpose products are that lightweight product weighs about a third less than all-purpose ones. In this way, it dries easier and faster.

Prevent Doorknob Damage

Take care during the time you are using the drywall. It’s recommended to use a peel-and-stick patch to cover doorknob holes. As a result, you prevent the doorknob damage. If you don’t know, the patch is an aluminum screen covered by fiberglass mesh. You have to peel off its backing and press the patch in place. After that, to apply drywall compound, use a drywall knife.

Battered Corners

Start the repair with the severely damaged outside corners. For that, you have to cut the corner bead with a hacksaw. After that, you can use a nail bar to pry off the damaged section of the corner bead.

You can cut the new section of the corner bead to length and attach it with nails. Remember, if the surrounding paint is glossy, take care of it before proceeding to the other step. At the end of this part finish the repair with several coats of drywall compound. The last coats applied have to be made with the taping knife.

Creeping Cracks

In this step, you have to use an abrasive-coated foam block, known as a sanding sponge, to smooth a working crack. These cracks you can find below a window or above a door.

You easily can apply a thin coat of joint compound to the cracked area. Apply also a second coat if needful. In the end, spray elastic crack coating on the repaired area.

Nails that Go Pop

Nail and screw pops arise from lumber shrinkage. You have to use a utility knife into the wall to carve away the joint compound from above a popped nail or screw. Simply, tighten the screw or tap in the nail.

Leave the drywall repairs to our professional team  

While drywall repairs may seem like a simple task you can complete yourself, it’s important to know that repairing interior walls before painting requires trained professionals who work on jobs like these every day. Even if your walls only have minor holes or cracks, a professional drywall repair service is required if you want drywall repair and interior painting results that last for decades.

Call The JXF Painting Service Team at (647) 889-7967, to receive the best work on drywall repairs.

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