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Summer Accent Wall Colors

summer accent wall colors

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Summer is a time to take advantage of the warmer weather, so we spend a little more time outside. However, we still spend a lot of time indoors, so it’s only natural that we want to bring some of those summer vibes into our homes. There’s one simple way to do it: add some bright summer colors to your space!

Playing with color in any room can be overwhelming, so an accent wall is a great way to add a pop without drastically changing the room. This balances the look, allowing you to use softer or more neutral colors on the other walls while still brightening things up!

Of course, color trends change from year to year, but the summer paint color trends we’re seeing this year feel surprisingly timeless! If you choose to try out any of these trends this summer, you’ll have a look that you’ll want to keep for a long time.  

Skye blue

Blue is a big color this year, inspired by those cloudless summer days. It’s a calming color that can help you focus, so it’s a great choice for an accent wall in almost any room of your house. There are a variety of trendy shades to choose from within this color family, ranging from soft pastels to sky blue and bright shades of cobalt for something truly bold.

Day at the beach

For those who prefer elevated neutral tones, this is a great choice. The colors of the beach are a great way to bring summer vibes into your home all year. Although bringing actual sand indoors would be a bit messy, you can achieve the same effect by using colors such as white, ivory, pale gray, and beige. By adding accents and accessories in shades of turquoise, ocean blue, and pops of coral or peach to your space, you can create a whole palette of colors inspired by the beach.

Bouquet of flowers

Do you want something a little more vibrant? Nothing says summer like gorgeous colors pulled from the garden if you want a little more energy in your space! What kinds of flowers do you see in your favorite outdoor spaces? Use this as a starting point for finding your ideal floral shade. Pinks, lavender shades, and a variety of greens ranging from sage to bright grassy tones are all good choices.

What is trending?

Are you undecided about which rooms to test these gorgeous summer paint colors in? We love the idea of bringing nature into the rooms where you spend the majority of your time. A summary accent wall would look great in the living room, dining room, playroom, or bedrooms.

Of course, even if you’re only painting one wall, you’ll want to make sure the palette is consistent throughout the space. Fresh bed linens, pillows, and decorative accessories can add more color to a bedroom. You can easily update your curtains and throw pillows in a living room, or even bring in some brand new furniture in your preferred colors. In any room, you should consider replacing any items that don’t quite match your new splash of color, as well as adding subtle decorative pieces to your new space.

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