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Spring Painting Colors To Refresh Your Home

spring painting

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After a long winter, spring provides us with a sense of regeneration and exhilaration. We can’t help but be inspired by the transformation of the environment from winter’s neutrals of brown, gray, and white to spring’s brilliant colours! If the new season has inspired you to add more colour to your house, now is the time to start spring painting.

Not only are you naturally ready to change things up in the spring, but it’s also excellent for painting. When it comes to outside painting, the weather is usually favourable, and it’s much easier to book professional painters in the spring—if you wait until summer, painters tend to be quite busy.

Painting Colors For Spring Painting

The choices for picking paint colours to liven up your house are unlimited! If you’re unsure where to begin, the environment around you is a beautiful place to seek inspiration. Nature puts on a spectacular display in the spring! Colour inspiration can be everywhere, from the various shades of green in your yard to the charming tiny flowers sprouting up all around town. It’s easier to start narrowing down the specific hue you’re looking for after you’ve figured out what colours speak to you.

Colours For Exterior Paint To Brighten Up Your Home

Because most individuals change up the outside of their houses less regularly, you want exterior colours that will endure the test of time. Beyond your style and what’s current at the time, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a colour palette for your house. You’ll want to find something that mixes in with the natural surroundings and complements the homes around you—you don’t want to be the loudest house on the block! Many areas have paint colour restrictions that must be obeyed, so double-check to ensure you’re not breaking any.

Outstanding Green

Green is usually an excellent choice for an external appearance since it can provide a flash of colour while remaining on the more neutral side of things. While dark tones of hunter green are popular all year, we love employing a brighter green as an all-over exterior colour for a new spring painting touch.

Yellow Butter

Yellow is the best spring painting hue because it quickly conveys a positive, optimistic feeling! While yellow is frequently utilized inside homes, we like soft buttery yellow as an exterior colour. It’s a standout but not overpowering design when paired with a crisp white trim and accessories. What’s lovely about gentle yellow is that it works well as an accent hue with brighter colours—how charming would it look with a brilliant pink or blue front door?

Spring Paint Colors For Your Home’s Interior

When selecting new spring colours for the interior of your house, consider how the area will function. For an entertainment setting, you might want something brighter and more dramatic to add vitality to the space. Look for softer, more relaxing tones in bedrooms, baths, and even family rooms where you genuinely want to rest. There’s so much space for creativity—once you’ve decided on your wall colours, you can have fun highlighting other aspects with different accent colours.

Pink Blush

Blush is as basic as it gets for spring! This gentle pink incorporates characteristics of pastel Easter tones but is softer and more classy. What’s good about blush pink is that it comes in various colours, from virtually white with a tinge of pink to a pure rosy light pink that’s not too bright. This warm, relaxing colour instantly provides a comfortable vibe in any environment, keeping things peaceful and soothing while injecting positive energy into your home. Anything goes when it comes to accent colours! Keep things balanced with neutrals like soft white, light gray, or beige for a more subtle design.

Gray, Soft And Subtle

We understand what you’re thinking. Gray in the spring? Absolutely! Gray walls may indeed shout spring if styled correctly. It’s all about the accent colours in this scenario. A light gray tone is a terrific alternative to simple white walls that will bring out the more colourful components of your decor. This is an excellent choice for highlighting a fantastic dramatic element in a space, such as a wall with a large window, a fireplace, or even art. Soft gray is an ideal backdrop for experimenting with colour, ranging from bright sunny yellows to dazzling turquoise or bright fuchsia pink to bring in those lovely spring characteristics.

JXF Painting Service is here to help if you consider giving your home a new appearance for spring painting. Our experienced painters will alter your home’s interior or exterior in no time. We can assist you in selecting the perfect colours and will handle all of the prep work—leave everything to us, and you’ll return home to a brand new area at the end of the day. To begin, schedule your free consultation now!

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