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Reasons to Paint Your Company Building

reasons to paint your company building

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How often do you need to paint your company? If it’s been a while, you may not know what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. A simple adjustment from off-white to bright white can revitalize your company’s image. Even if you don’t change the color, you might be shocked at how much the old layer of paint has faded over time. A fresh coat of paint on your building’s interior and exterior may give it new life and color.

You can make an informed decision about whether to repaint your property if you understand the many reasons why businesses like yours opt to paint their properties. Investing in painting will pay dividends in terms of your ability to impress customers and keep your building in good condition.

Reasons to Paint Your Business Building

Why should you paint your company? A new coat of paint has numerous advantages. Aside from general maintenance, a fresh coat of paint can have a subtle but powerful impact on your marketing efforts. Making your store, restaurant, apartment, or office more inviting can help you attract new customers. You can even change the perception of your brand by using a new color scheme.

Increase Foot Traffic

We are all drawn to buildings that appear well-kept and modern, as opposed to those that appear run down. If a business relies on attracting consumers, the façade of your facility is the first impression you create on walk-ins. Interior painting improves the appearance of your business and encourages clients to stay longer. A fresh coat of paint will make your retail area more appealing to passersby. If you operate a retail mall, for example, a new paint job for your interior will increase traffic to your tenants’ stores.

Furthermore, your commercial facility is a tangible representation of your business. So, even if your firm does not rely on walk-ins, you still leave an impression. Every day, pedestrians and automobiles pass by your building, thus exterior paint is critical to your relationship with the surrounding community. A well-kept exterior demonstrates that you are an active, contributing member of the community. Beautifying your property benefits the surrounding community, which improves your public relations and local government relations.

Rebrand or Denote Change

As your company grows, you may decide to update your logo, rebuild your website, install new signage, or print new menus. A thorough rebrand may include adding new colors to your logo’s color scheme or changing the way you use color entirely. Some businesses even have environmental branding rules that govern the colors, furniture, and textures used in their actual brand sites.

Whatever your rebranding project entails, new paint can help you take it from the page to three dimensions. A color-matched accent wall to your logo can break up the usual off-white we’ve come to expect from commercial buildings. When visitors enter your space, it can make your office more vibrant and immerse them in your brand.

Painting can also be a subtle approach to signal change, even if your brand hasn’t changed dramatically. A new paint job can demonstrate to the world that a corporation is ready for a fresh start. A company celebrating a milestone can give its area a facelift to commemorate the occasion. New paint can even suggest a shift in strategy or an expansion of product or service offerings.

Enhance Your Workplace

You and your coworkers spend a significant amount of time at the office. Employees gain just as much as businesses from commercial interior painting. An attractive, comfortable work environment can have a long-term impact on employee satisfaction. Employees who are content with their work environments are 18% more likely to stay at their current employment, according to studies. In addition, they are 16% more productive. A new coat of paint can make the workplace more appealing to employees. When a company invests in its interior design, employees feel more at ease working there.

Improve Your Company’s Mood

The colors you choose for your walls can have a big impact on the ambiance of your company. Colors can influence how employees feel daily and may even help them focus. They can also elicit a psychological reaction from customers. Color Marketing Group, an international association of color designers, claims that each color influences our moods and can have an impact on marketing efforts.

  • Black represents strength, power, and authority. Overuse of the hue can be overwhelming, so it’s best to use it as an accent.
  • White conveys purity, cleanliness, or neutrality. It can also inspire creativity by creating a “blank canvas” effect.
  • Gray encourages thoughts of realism and togetherness.
  • With its connotations with stop signs, sirens, and firetrucks, red conveys urgency. The color also stimulates appetite, making it ideal for use in eateries. It elicits feelings of passion, movement, and excitement.
  • Because of its links with water and the sky, blue encourages tranquillity and harmony. Because it is connected with dependability and security, it is frequently utilized by conservative brands. The color reduces appetite and increases productivity.
  • Green can help clients relax while also promoting the environment. It can also foster decisiveness.
  • Yellow and orange are both happy and upbeat hues. Orange can also increase impulse purchases.
  • Purple represents wisdom, majesty, and respect. It is frequently utilized in cosmetic and anti-aging products, and it promotes problem-solving and creativity.

Avoid Paint Damage

If you haven’t painted your commercial space in a while, you may notice evidence of paint degradation throughout the structure. Chipping and peeling are unsightly and reflect poorly on your company. Paint deterioration is a major concern for outdoor painting projects. While exterior paint has a long life and is robust and weather-resistant, it still needs to be maintained and touched up. Blistering and cracking will occur with outdoor paints over time. If you see flakes or bubbles in your outside paint, it’s time to reapply.

Trust Professional JXF Commercial Painters with Your Building

Whether you choose new colors or go with your tried-and-true style, repainting your business will give it a new, professional appeal. A new coat of paint is an investment. It will both attract new clients and impress existing ones. You’ll also keep your building in good condition and safeguard it from future damage. Call JXF Painters if your commercial facility requires an upgrade. 

We are a certified painter specializing in commercial interior and exterior painting. We can manage any project whether you have a vision in mind for your new painting project or want a professional eye to assist you in picking the correct colors to suit your brand. JXF expert painters teams will repaint your business properties in Toronto and GTA.

Are you ready to give your building a new paint smell? Please contact us right away.

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