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How to Prepare Your Home for Exterior Painting

how to prepare your home for exterior painting

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Painting the outside of your house is a terrific method to change its appearance rapidly, giving it that all-important curb appeal and making it look brand new! It is, nonetheless, an essential aspect of home maintenance. Depending on where you live and the weather, you may need to refresh your exterior paint job every five to ten years to guarantee that your property is protected from the elements for many years.

When it comes to exterior painting, some preparation work must be done. It’s critical not to skip these measures, as they’ll ensure that your paint job lasts for many years. Pressure washing is the first and possibly most crucial step in outdoor painting preparation.

Washing the exterior of your house with a pressure washer

Why should you pressure wash your home before painting it? This step guarantees that you have a clean canvas to paint on. Pressure washing the house helps to remove dirt and dust accumulation, allowing for even paint coverage.

It can also eliminate flaking and loss of paint that you’d have to scrape off otherwise. If you don’t clean your surface before painting, the colour will not adhere correctly to the house’s surface. Any dirt or residue you paint over could loosen over time, removing the new paint with it.

To begin, you’ll need to obtain a pressure washer. You can usually rent one from a hardware or home improvement store if you don’t want to buy one. One thing to remember is that pressure washers come in various pressure ratings. As you work, make sure you’re standing far enough away from the walls to avoid damaging the surface.

Another thing to think about is the timing. You’ll want to give the surface ample time to cure before painting it, so start a few days ahead. Pressure washing should be done within a couple of days, but you can do it up to a month before your painting day if necessary.

Exterior House Painting Process Following Steps

After you’ve pressure washed all of the necessary surfaces, you’ll need to do a few more things to prepare your home for painting.

Repair any surfaces that have been damaged

Take a trip around the house’s perimeter, noting any sections that have been damaged. This could include surfaces such as wood, stone, metal, siding, or stucco, among others. Once dry, fill any holes and sand them smoothly.

Remove any loose paint or peeling paint with the help of a scraper

You may still see some patches with loose paint after pressure cleaning. You can use a scraper or sandpaper to remove it. Just remember to lay down a drop cloth first to make cleanup a breeze!

Install the trim and repair it

If there are gaps between the house and the trim around the windows and doors, you can quickly fill them with external caulking from a home improvement store.

Cover the doors, the windows, and the light fixtures

This is the final stage before you begin painting! To keep those lines clean and smooth, tape off surfaces you don’t wish to paint. If you paint using a sprayer, you might want to protect these areas with plastic sheets.

As you can see, painting your home’s exterior necessitates a lot of preparation. While it may take some time, it is well worth the effort! You’ll receive the best results if you take the time to prepare your home correctly. That’s why it’s always better to engage a professional painting firm regarding sizeable outside paint projects.

You won’t have to perform any prep work when you work with JXF Painting Services since we’ll take care of everything! We’re exterior painting specialists and home renovators who know how to get all of the prep work done correctly and promptly so you can start enjoying your freshly painted home right away. If you’re ready to make a change in your house, we’re here to assist you. Request a no-cost, no-obligation estimate today!

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