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5 Painted Stairs Ideas

painted stairs ideas

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Stairs are a practical way of getting from one floor in a home to the next. But this is not the only function of it. A staircase provides you with a prime place to show off your style ideas. Painted stairs ideas can change the look of your hallway and can offer an attractive landing. JXF Painting Service has made so many great painted stairs ideas. And we just to show the trend by sharing some of our favorites and telling you how it is done. So read on, and get some advice about painted stairs ideas.

First of all, you should consider yourself lucky if you have a wooden staircase and looking for a cheap way to decorate it. Because a lick of paint would be our first point of call.

Painted Stairs Ideas For Your Home

Create an Optical Illusion.

Having good ideas for painting means being a creative person and having clear ideas about what you are creating. By creating an optical illusion for Painted stairs ideas you will be able to make your homemaking yourself and your family feel better. The white colour is the perfect colour for a background when you want to transform your stairs into an optical illusion.

Paint Book Titles On Steps

But to paint the stairs of a house is very difficult. Because it takes thought and creativity to another level. But it is a good idea where each scale has a special colour and each of them has a unique expression. Don’t you think it’s a creative idea?

Count The Stairs

Above we mention the colouring of the stairs and where each of them has a unique expression. But when you have a lot of scales do you think the ideas of your stairs will be enough? I think not. A good idea for designing stairs and perfect painted ideas for stairs is to mix them by placing them in a shape where there can be no contrast between them.

Choose to Use Your Favourite Quotes on Them

JXF has different models for painted stairs ideas. By giving modern and classic ideas and suggestions you will be able not only to change your stairs but also your home.

Mix and Match.

In conclusion, do not think you have found the perfect idea to paint the stairs. JXF Painting service has many years of experience in the field of painting and is always able to give the best ideas, but also to accept good ideas.

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