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Best Paint Colors for Guest Rooms

best paint colors for guest rooms

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You are redecorating and painting your house and some of the rooms, quite important in fact, are the guest rooms. You have to make a good impression on your guests, right? How you decorate the room they are going to spend the nights, tells how much effort you put into their welcoming and comfort. This will make them feel at home in your house. Paint can set the mood and act as a canvas for the rest of the room decor. We suggest going for neutral and universal colors. 

After setting on color, consider going through furniture and accessories. The guest room should look complete and purposefully styled and not just thrown together. This way the guest feels good and relaxed in his space. 

  • White. If you decided on going for a relaxing modern minimalist theme, then white a perfect pick. It’s cozy and will light up the room. Pair it with wood details or any other color. White fits with everything.
  • Shades of blue. For a soothing atmosphere, you can never go wrong with blue. The best shades to choose from are the muted and soft ones since it gives a dreamy and clean feel to the room. 
  • Grey. Being a neutral color, gray can bring such coziness and a modern feel for any kind of room in your house. Black, crisp whites, or even wood accents will pair perfectly and give a very clean look. 
  • Shades of gray. Considered a calming color, green can be a good choice for the guest bedroom. It can be trendy and the country at the same time depending on the details and the furniture style you might pick. Any shade of green will bring an exotic feel to space. 
  • Pink. Without making it look like a child’s room, it’s the ideal choice to add a slight feminine touch. Pastel shades of pink tend to appear almost white in big and bright spaces.
  • Beige/taupe. The perfect neutrals. It will be the best pick because, with many undertones, they will appear in different colors in different lights. They provide a neutral backdrop for any kind of decor style you are going for. 
  • Yellow. Being a cheery color, yellow is the perfect color to add a pop of color to your guest room. Pastel and muted yellows are the best to spread joy and warmth inside any space.

Decorating always brings a source of creativity and enjoyment. That’s why when decorating the guest rooms in our houses, we will be based on how we want to feel in that room. Of course, relaxation and comfort are the priority and they are achieved by the environment around us. It’s nice to have a calm place to lay down and relax and have a good sleep and the color of the room is one of the keys to bringing this feeling of calmness. Consider our suggestions and it won’t be as hard as you think it is to bring together the perfect guest room. 

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