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How to Prepare a Room For Painting

how to prepare room for painting

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Painting a room may be a long process, but it really worth spending a little extra time to get a better look. You will find a better painting look and a more smooth surface to operate if you prepare a room for painting at first. There are some steps you should follow to make painting steps simpler. The steps below will help you to find out how to prepare the required space and the walls you need to paint.

Clear out the room

Take out of the room every piece of furniture that is easy to move. It would be better to have another person’s help.

Put plastic covers over furniture you couldn’t move.

Do not use fabric cloths because the paint can easily seep through them. Ensure to use plastic covers so you can protect the furniture and also the floor

Remove all the items on the walls.

Takedown all the artworks, pictures you have on it, and also the mirrors. If there’s lighting you should cover it with plastic to protect it while you paint.

Cover all the switch plates

You also should cover the switch plates and outlets with plastic because this will help you very much because you don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Repair the walls if it needs

Fill in any holes and let it dry for 1 day. The elimination of wall irregularities makes the painting look even more beautiful.

Sand the walls with a sanding block.

Smoothing out the surface that will be painted means that the walls will hold primer and paint better.

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