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How to Paint High Ceilings

how to paint high ceilings

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We all agree that from time to time we need to freshen up our rooms with a coat of paint. The moment you think that this is quite easy, the other is when you realize that painting any part of a room can turn into a nightmare if you are not careful enough. Interior painting is one of the most DIY activities of all time. Why? Maybe because of the cost to do it professionally or just because people think that rolling a roller of paint into the walls is as easy as it gets. Well okay, we can agree that walls are the easiest part but have you thought about ceilings? Those high ones? How are you gonna paint them? Have you ever wondered how even professional painters do it? Let us show you some tips and tricks on how to paint high ceilings.

Here at JXF Painting Service, we have the best and the most qualified painters. Most of the residential projects don’t have a high ceiling problem but the commercial ones do. Workplaces tend to have a more complex architecture. To achieve the best results you have to:

  • Have the right equipment. Just a couple of brushes are not enough. A ladder is necessary to reach every corner of the ceiling but sometimes if the space is even bigger and higher, scaffolding will come in handy.
  • Do the right prepping. Move any object that can make painting the ceiling difficult. 
  • Inspect the previous paint for chipping because it can damage the eyes of the person working or affect the finished product.
  • Cover the floor or any furniture to protect them from paint splattering.
  • Choose the right paint. It is important to use the right ceiling paint that will last longer and will make the job easier.
  • Other than rollers and brushes, sprayers can be very useful too. 

Ceilings are not painted as often as other walls of the house. Only if it’s been years and it has turned kinda yellowish or the humidity has created mold. In these cases primer is necessary, but make sure it’s tinted with the color you intend to dye it. This could be done with a roller on a pole or sometimes with a ladder, but when it’s too high it may be needed to build scaffolding to have better control and balance than working from the ground. This is important especially when edges are being painted, as this area demands more careful and detailed work. 

As you can see painting a ceiling can be quite challenging. All this equipment that is needed can be very expensive to buy just for some random painting once a year or more rarely. This is the reason why hiring professionals to do the job is necessary. Since they have the right tools and equipment and for sure the right knowledge and experience in this field. Of Course, if you want the best results. It’s not a good idea to mess it up by doing it yourself. The regret will be more expensive.

Choose JXF Painting Service! Why? Let Us Show You.

For more than two decades in this field, what we have done is only the dreams and visions of our clients in Toronto come to life. We are more than happy to guide our customers to the best experience in the market. Our work has always been considered high-quality and worth the payment. Every project given to us is treated with responsibility. All the painting jobs done are cured to detail. Our team makes sure that the outcome will be incomparable. They are not only qualified for residential and commercial painting but also for any kind of renovations from very small jobs to installing new kitchens and more. We try to have the best customer service and to listen in detail to every idea and opinion that our client has. For more detailed information, suggestions, and prices please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at (647) 889-7967. 

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