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How to Fix Peeling Plaster Ceiling

how to fix peeling plaster ceiling

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What causes the peeling plaster ceiling?

The most common calls we receive are” My ceiling is peeling” or “Please tell me what to do cause our plaster ceiling paint is peeling off”. It might feel like the sky is falling in your home but you shouldn’t be afraid. We know better how to fix a peeling plaster ceiling. Before we talk about how to fix it, let’s talk about a few that why it happens. There are serval factors that can cause a peeling plaster ceiling. It can be caused by a water leak, a fire, mold, or the old age of the house.

What should you do at first?

The first thing that should be done in this case is to remove the peeling and flaking. This is not an easy process this repair job is going to involve an awkward uncomfortable stance to endure. So, you will need the help of a professional company to do it for you. Anyway, in case you decide to do it by yourself, you should know how to do it, and what tools you need.

Required tools

To do it your self you’ll need some tools:

  1. Steady step ladder
  2. Wide putty scraper
  3. Trowel
  4. Goggles
  5. Mask
  6. Drop cloths
  7. Gloves

First step: Cover the floor and any fixtures or furnishings with the drop cloth.

Second step: Always wear safety goggles, gloves, and a mask while scraping the peeling paint from your ceiling.

Third step: It would be perfect if you could use one of your hands to hold a tray for the falling flakes to minimize clean-up if you like


  • Start Scraping and cleaning to remove all ceiling flakes
  • Repair small or big holes in the ceiling
  • Prime and paint- Once everything is cleaned and repaired, you should give everything a coat of primer using a ceiling primer or oil-based primer too.

Professional renovation and painting services

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