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Happy at Home: Easy Home Updates To Improve Your Mood

easy home updates to improve your mood

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What do we consider a happy home?

These last few months have been rough. With all this coronavirus pandemic going on and being dragged to a nonending thing, has made us exhausted. One thing we all have in common is staying at home for so long. Nowadays home is everything for us. It’s the place where we feel safe, the place where we work, the place where we learn and also socialize. It’s not longer just a shelter for us to lay and find relaxation and take care of ourselves. It has become a place that is shaping us and the quality of our life. 

Studies show that even before the pandemic struck, stress levels in the population were increasing a lot with each day passing. Being much more than just uncomfortable and tiring, stress can bring you very dangerous outcomes such as cardiovascular diseases and weaker immune systems. Home is directly connected to our mental health and can also be one of the main reasons why you accumulate stress, by being unorganized, unclean, and unwelcoming, so, it’s very important to create an environment that brings happiness and that feels healthy and nourishing. 

Just look around you. Even a pile of unfolded laundry might give you anxious feelings. Just tidying up your room or any space inside your home and making it organized can work wonders for your mental health. A clean home is a happy home. Start by doing small steps so it won’t overwhelm you. 

Happy at Home: Easy Home Updates To Improve Your Mood

  • Clean. Start with a plan. Get in the mood for tidying up and go. First, start with organizing. Keep what you have to and throw away what you think is just taking up space. Look what it lacks in that space and don’t be scared to make some changes. It will be for the better, trust me! 
  • Add new lighting. A good light source can bring life to space and make it look bigger and more welcoming. A room that lacks light looks dull, small, and dark. Try floor lamps. They can be chic and give a modern feel but also provide the brightness that a room needs. Add lamps on side tables for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Put on a fresh coat of paint. If you want to make a dramatic change, try going for some new colors you haven’t tried before. When choosing the right paint color for a specific room, just think about how you want to feel when you walk into that space after being painted. All we are looking for is relaxation and calmness so to catch these vibes we consider soft pastel colors and shades of blue-green and neutrals. For cozy and warm moments try going for pinks, peaches, and soft lavenders. 
  • Add plants. Nature is always calming and soothing. Adding plants around the house will bring spring and summer colors and vibes. Natural and earthy elements are the perfect way to bring happiness to the place you live. 
  • Mirrors. A simple visual trick to make a small space look bigger is by adding mirrors. Go for the right side of the mirror and you’ll see how spacious and bright that room will look.

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