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Tips To Paint Crown Molding

tips to paint crown molding

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When you decide to paint a room, don’t forget to paint crown molding. Painting crown molding is a good way to give your interior house the new look and refinement it deserves. But this is not as easy a job as it looks. Here are some tips on how to paint crown molding professionally.

Best Way To Paint Crown Molding

There are some ways of painting crown molding. One of them is by hand, using a high-quality brush, and the second way is to use an airless sprayer with a spray gun extension. Spraying is more recommended than brushing because in this way you reduce time and energy not having to climb up and down a ladder all day with a paintbrush.

Should You Paint The Crown Before The Ceiling?

No. The first thing you should do is to paint the ceiling, the crown molding second, and at last the walls. Because, if you paint the ceiling after the molding, you might sling ceiling paint onto your freshly painted crown.

Prepping Crown Molding for Paint

Some things you should keep near you

  • Sandpaper
  • Sanding sponges
  • Damp rag
  • Small scale
  • Putty knife

What You Should Do?

  1. Set Nails With Nail Punch
  2. Spackle Nail Holes and Other Gaps
  3. Sand the Spackling
  4. Vacuum the Moldings
  5. Wipe Moldings Damp Rag
  6. Use the primer
  7. Sand With Grit Sand Paper
  8. Vacuum Again
  9. Wipe Down With Damp Rag
  10. Caulk the Moldings

These are the steps you should follow step by step to prepare the crown molding for painting

How to Paint The Moldings

  1. Use Good Paint
  2. Start at The Top
  3. Overpaint

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