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Benefits To Painting Vinyl Siding

benefits to painting vinyl siding

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Vinyl siding has long been a popular choice for all homes’ exteriors. It has a traditional appearance to it, and it’s also pretty affordable! People also appreciate how low-maintenance it is. It is, however, not indestructible, despite its extreme durability. 

You may find that your vinyl siding has become dull and chalky over time, or you may have become weary of the colour after a few years. The good news is that it’s pretty simple to renew and restore it to its former glory, and it only takes a little paint!

Better to Repaint Than Replace 

The most significant benefit of painting your vinyl siding rather than replacing it is the expense. As you might expect, painting your siding instead of replacing it is usually significantly less expensive – about 15-20% cheaper than complete replacement (which would require you to pay for disassembly and installation!) 

Paint can help extend the life of your vinyl siding by adding an extra layer of protection from the elements, especially if you know you’ll need to replace it soon but want to get a few more years out of it. It’s also a less wasteful alternative if your siding is still in good shape—why throw it away if it still has a lot of life left in it?

Of course, in some instances, replacing it is the best alternative. You might be better off beginning over if your siding is substantially damaged or warped or requires new insulation.

The process of repairing and painting vinyl siding

Yes, it is possible to paint vinyl siding. Many people believe they’ll be stuck with the same colour forever when it comes to vinyl, but changing it is pretty simple. It isn’t all that different from painting most other outdoor surfaces. Your paint job should go well as long as you prep everything properly.

1) Inspect for any damage

Before you begin, evaluate the condition of your siding and check for any visible evidence of damage. Cracks, perforations, and warping are all things to keep an eye out for. Minor damage can usually be rectified before painting, but if unsure, you may always get an expert to inspect it before proceeding.

2) Choose the right paint

Until recently, there were few possibilities for this style of paintwork. On the other hand, new developments in paint technology have offered us many more choices, particularly in colour. Overall, pick a water-based paint compatible with vinyl siding and, most importantly, choose a safe hue.

Check with the vendor to see what colours they have available for vinyl. Siding can be damaged if improper paint or stain is chosen. For example, paintings like Sherwin Williams’ VinylSafe® colours and Benjamin Moore’s colors for vinyl choices are specially created to allow you to use dark colours! 

For individuals who enjoy raised neutral tones, this is a perfect choice. The colours of the ocean are a great way to bring summer vibes into your home all year. Although getting actual sand indoors would be a bit dirty, you may achieve a similar effect by using hues such as white, ivory, soft gray, and beige.

Adding accents and accessories in tones of turquoise, ocean blue, and pops of coral or peach to your room can create an entire curated palette of colours inspired by the beach.

3) Prepping 

The key to achieving a beautiful layer of paint on your siding is to start with a clean surface. The purpose is to ensure that all mould, mildew, chalky deposits, and debris are removed from the surface. Apply a cleaning solution with a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub away, and then rinse off the key. Allow enough time for the siding to cure entirely before beginning to paint.

4) Start with painting

Although you may get away without using a primer in many circumstances, you may still need to start with a full coat if the new colour requires one for optimum coverage. When you’re ready to apply your paint, apply two coats for the most outstanding results.

You can use a roller or sprayer if the surface is evenly covered. It’s critical to allow enough time for the first coat to dry before moving on to the next. Another tip: don’t paint in direct sunlight!

After the second coat has dried, inspect the area for any places that require touch-ups, or you may decide that another complete jacket is needed.

Painting your vinyl siding may be a great way to give your home a whole new look while saving money if you make sure you do all the prep work correctly. It’s crucial to realize, however, that painting the exterior of your home is not a simple task. JXF Painting Service is here to assist you with painting your vinyl siding.

We’re exterior painting professionals who can complete the work efficiently and fast. We make it simple to alter your house by taking care of all the prep work and providing expert assistance, ensuring you achieve the look you want. Request a no-cost, no-obligation estimate today!

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