Wallpaper Installation

Wallpapers are something that can bring life and excitement back to your home. They feature a sleek design, trendy patterns, and a vast variety of choices on colour and style. They have been used since the 16th century and their popularity keeps growing. Don’t think twice to do wallpaper installation in your house.


If you have a pre-pasted wallpaper, then you will need a sweep and a brush for installing the wallpaper. On the other side, if it is not pre-pasted, then you will need to paste it before starting the wallpaper installation. Some other tools that you will need are a measure, razors, spirit level, and sponge.


When it comes to completing a wallpaper installation, measurement is key to a good result. Before starting, make sure to measure all the walls and plan how the wallpaper will be installed and how much it will take so that you do not run short in the middle of the installation. Also, check the levelling of the wall to make sure that the patterns are lined and do not interrupt.


In order for the wallpaper to look balanced and flush with the surface, you will need for both the wallpaper and the wall to be levelled. The levelling of the wallpaper will be done when installing, but before you begin you will need to make sure that the surface of the wall is flat and that the drywall will fit perfectly. If the wall has imperfections then it is necessary that you resolve it now by sanding them down, or they will be much more obvious when the installation is complete.

Preparing the paper for  wallpaper installation 

Before starting the installation, the paper needs to be measured and the pattern needs to be lined up. This is one of the most important parts since you wouldn’t want to end up with a pattern miss-match in the middle of your wall. Round up the measurements so that you have a bit of extra paper, and then paste the paper if it is not pre-pasted.

Hang and Trim

The next process is hanging and trimming the wallpaper. Again, you need to be extra careful when lining up the patterns or your entire effort will go to waste. Slowly install the wallpaper from the top down until you reach the bottom of the wall while sweeping and brushing the paper to make it flush with the surface. Make sure not to leave any air gaps or it will ruin the levelling of the wall and stretch the wallpaper. After making sure you have installed the paper correctly, trim off the bottom excess.

Installing a wallpaper could be a fun weekend project, but it can also turn into a tedious process that requires attention and time. A small mistake when hanging a paper and you just added an extra couple of hours or a trip to the hardware store attempting to fix your mistake.

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