Toronto roof repair

The roof in your home is the main barrier between you and the outside elements, and as such, it is greatly affected by the weather changes and external pressure. As time passes, your roof might start to become less stable and start leaking water, so it is very important that you take good care periodically for it.

Due to the changes in weather and the effect of storms, wind, and hail, even the best of roofs can break down. It is advised that you do a thorough check on your roof after each storm. You don’t want to be dealing with water damage on your ceiling and home as well.

Always check the shingles

The shingles of the roof are the thin coats of plastic or asphalt that help protect the layers beneath and the wooden structure. They are very susceptible to rapid temperature changes as they can wrap and deform by raising their corners, or overtime they can get detached by the nails holding them in place, creating space for water to leak in.

The attic

The first signs of water damage are always first noticed in the attic. Since the attic is the space created by the structure of the roof, any water that manages to slip through the shingles or tiling will first be noticed as a dark stain on the roof and if not taken care of immediately mould will begin to grow.

The gutters

The gutters are the metal or plastic tubes that collect the water that falls on your roof and channels it to the ground or sewers. They are prone to damage as they can get rusted, they can detach from the roof and leak water, or get clogged by leaves or other debris.

Roof Bridging

The roof bridging is the wooden boards that stand between the ceiling and the tiles or shingles. They are prone to damage from water and insects, so when checking, notice if there are ripples on the surface or whether it is softer and unstable.

Flat Toronto roof repair

As time passes, flat roofs can get damaged as well. Depending on what you use to cover them, flat roofs require care every few years. Hot Tar insulation is the most common solution to protecting a flat roof from the elements.

Storm Damage

Your roofing system can be wreck also by hail and high winds. The first thing you should do after a storm is to look Look for signs of storm damage. Check if there are missing shingles, fascia, and the condition of exhaust pipes. Don’t forget, some damage may not be visible, so require a roofer’s expertise to spot.


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