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Spring Home Painting Ideas for an Inexpensive Makeover


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Now that winter is gone, in spring, not only the flowers are going to blossom. Also, the desire for change will. Let’s go through some spring home painting ideas for an inexpensive makeover. Before we start, our main suggestion is to hire a professional in advance to handle the job so you don’t have extra unnecessary costs. 

As spring signals the end of hibernation, we “wake up” and start doing house makeovers. Homeowners start cleaning and ensuring the general appearance and upkeep of the property. The demand for home painters blooms with the flowers in spring because this season is considered the best to paint.  The mild weather and temperatures won’t dry the paint quickly and will prevent the development of cracks. 

Paint the exterior 

For interior paintings, you don’t have to wait for spring and summer, but to give a fresh coat of paint to the exterior you have to wait till temperatures are warm and comfortable. If you are looking at the exterior parts of the house and feel like it looks dull, a new coat of paint and a different springy color will cast a magic spell and enhance the curb appeal. 

No more plain walls

You know, plain walls are no conversation starters. Try opting for an accent wall in main rooms like the living room. When it comes to a design statement, the sky’s the limit. Not that expensive either. You won’t need a big amount of paint to paint just an accent wall. Whether a bright color or decorative patterns, it will for sure impress the guests and make space look very vanguard. 

Floral walls

If you want to change the whole look of a space inexpensively, peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great way to turn a plain blank wall into a highly chic accent piece. It is a very modern upgrade. 

Spice up your staircase

The stairs are the first thing everyone sees in most homes so why not show them some love and give them a new look for spring. You are going to make a design statement by painting the stairs with a fun color of course without disturbing the setting of the interior design. Or you can use wallpaper. With all those fun patterns and colors it will make it look super trendy and springy. 

Paint the cabinets

A  rather small painting project but that will bring a significant change for the better is painting your cabinets to improve the look of the kitchen. Since it’s one of the most used spaces of the house by everyone, a quick and inexpensive change will elevate the whole houses’ vibe not only the kitchens’. 

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