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Painting your house may be one of the fun things you can do and express yourself through the walls of your house. But to get the best result while having fun you need also to do some planning in the beginning. One of the important things you need to know while deciding if you gonna paint it by yourself or you are gonna hire a professional is knowing all the painting equipment you’ll need to paint it. Here you will learn what are the top essential equipment for painting a room and some reasons why to hire handyman painting services for the entire house.

Top Essential Tools for Painting a Room

If you think that all you need to paint your house is just paint and a roller, you are wrong. In order to do a good and clean job, you need more painting equipment that will help you a lot. The only downside is that it will raise the cost of the project. That’s why hiring a professional painter is a good choice because they have their own tools and the only thing you have to decide is the colours and style you want your walls to look.

  • Tape. If you wonder how professional painters do those clean lines and do not make a mess at corners or around the electric appliance, the tape is their little trick. Every detailed work requires a lot of tapes to create those beautiful stripes and styles. 
  • Drop Cloth. Another top essential piece of equipment you will need in order to have less work for cleaning after the painting is a drop cloth. Yes, you can use some unwanted old clothes or mattresses but still, they won’t do the job the same as the ones that are made especially for painting projects. Dropcloth and tape create a powerful duo that will save from a lot of hard work to clean afterwards.
  • Paint Tray. Paint trays are super important on painting projects because having one of them while working, means fewer paint drips. Paint trays have a special spot to remove the unwanted paint for your roller so it doesn’t drip while using it on a wall or ceiling. Another time where paint trays can be a lifesaver is when you are up on a ladder and have a difficult time getting more paint. A lot of types of paint trays can fit an entire gallon of paint so you do not have to get down and up your ladder every time you want to refill your roller.
  • Paint Roller & Refills. Except for the paint, a paint roller is the most important piece of equipment you will need. With a good paint roller, you can paint large walls in no time. You can find different kinds of rollers, even mini rollers that will help you paint those hard to reach and tight corners. 
  • Ladder. Even if you do not have a high ceiling you need a ladder to paint the corners. If you do not have one, it is not a good idea to get on top of a chair or other furniture. 
  • Small Brushes. Small brushes will help you all the way through the painting process, but the most important part is after you remove the tape and you are close to the finish. A small brush will help you make those small touches at the end. 

6 Benefits of hiring a handyman painting service:

By hiring a handyman painting service all the difficult parts of painting your home will be gone and all that is left is the cool part like choosing the colour that you like.

Save you the frustration and potential injury

To paint your whole house in a DIY project can be a very frustrating thing to deal with. Without a background in painting chances to ruin something are large. That is why hiring a professional painter means less frustration because even if some things go wrong is your contractor’s responsibility to deal with. Also, professional painters have the right tools that minimize the chances of a potential injury.

Handymen are Skilled & Highly Experienced

All of our painters have years of experience and have constant training in order to offer you the perfect services. Their skills and experience make it possible to go through very tough and unexpected situations.

Handymen brings also their own tools

With a handyman service, you don’t have to worry about which tools and how much paint you will need. Also, hiring a painting service will bring down the cost of the tools that you have to buy otherwise. It is a bad investment to buy the tools that you will need probably only once a year.

Gives you the opportunity to do other things

If you hire a painting contractor for your house, you will be more flexible during this time. You can do other things or work and when you get back home in the evening you will find a finished job. All it’s left is for you to enjoy your home with your loved ones.

Why Us

JXF Renovations, Painters, Handyman are three strong brands under the same umbrella. They all possess enthusiastic, dedicated, knowledgeable forward-thinking team members who work diligently to gain future office or construction projects mainly by providing an impeccable 100% service satisfaction commitment. Also, JXF Renovations has quickly gained notoriety as the company of choice in the Greater Toronto Area.

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After evaluating your needs, our estimator will prepare a proposal with detailed specifications to address each one of them.

So, call us at 647 889-7967  to engage the services of one of GTA’s most reputable painting contractors.

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