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Mississauga Local Painting

mississauga local painting

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Mississauga Local Painting

Throughout the years, we have worked on various projects throughout Mississauga, but it wasn’t always this way.

When we first started working, we used to work uniquely for the Toronto area. It was closer to us, and so it was easier for us to move around and transport the materials from our trusted stores. It wasn’t long before we realized that not far away from us there was a market with huge potential. There are over 750.000 residents in Mississauga and it keeps growing

As we started expanding throughout Mississauga, it wasn’t always as easy. We started work with some very demanding clients, who had intricate designs that required a lot of professionalism to master, but we never back down. It is our motto to never finish a job unless we are certain the client will be happy with the results, and it’s what has kept us going so far and helped us raise our business to be one of the main painting contractors throughout Toronto and Mississauga.

I still remembered our first job in Mississauga. It started as a favour for a friend: one of his old classmates needed to paint his business, but the problem was that the offices needed to be open without breaks Monday-Saturday, and it had limited staff on Sunday. He could not find a single local company that could finish painting his business within a day, as most of them had a waiting time, and generally guaranteed finishing the work after a week, which was impossible due to the business needs.

We found the office in a terrible condition. It was over 5 years that it had not been painted, and you could find scratches, small holes, and stains all over the walls. The old paint had degraded from direct sun and was even chipping away in some areas. We prepared the plan on a Saturday, and on Sunday early in the morning, we started work. We brought all the materials from Toronto, and our crew was split to cover different rooms within the office.

Before the afternoon we managed to finish painting the whole office, while also filling all the holes and fixing the imperfections, making the office look flawless. We left one technician to take care of the cleaning and to look over the drying process.

By the next day, the entire crew was amazed at the results. It’s wonderful how just a simple paint job can bring life to an office that has always seemed bland and can help its employees be inspired and happy to come to the office.

After that, we decided to expand our Mississauga local painting service. Because of the good work, clients came rushing in with no marketing expenses, and our company kept growing ever since.

For any of your local painting needs, feel free to contact us for a free quote at (647) 889-7967 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

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