What’s the most important room in our house? Where do we spend most of our time at home?

As time went by, people now days spend less time at home than they did before, but the attention for one room hasn’t changed a bit: and that’s the kitchen. It’s often the main go-to place for eating, entertaining yourself, or getting some well-deserved rest and family time after a long day at work. We often don’t realize it as much, but if we’re at home and not sleeping, then there’s a pretty high chance that we’ll be in the kitchen, and that makes our kitchen the most important room in our house.

Now, we might spend plenty of time on decorating the exterior of our homes or on other aspects, but we all agree that we don’t spend nearly as much effort into renovating and improving the room where we spend most of our time, but that is ought to change with JXF Painting Services new kitchen renovation service.

Countertop and Tabletop makeover (granite, quartz, marble, wood)

One of the most noticeable parts of the kitchen at any home is the countertop. If it’s old, scratched, dusty, uneven, not of good quality or colour, or even if the materials used for it are subpar, it can give a bad look to any kitchen where it’s applied. Fortunately, with us you can do a complete makeover of the countertop along with changing the layout and spacing of the other compartments and sink, making it as efficient as possible. You will have access to a variety of choice of prime materials such as granite, quartz, marble and hardwood which can make your new countertop last practically forever.

Sink and faucet

One of the most annoying and embarrassing parts of the kitchen is the sink. It has the tendency to often gather residue, and as your plumbing degrades it can start to release odours into the house. Faucets can start leaking and rust can start forming throughout surfaces as well. Without kitchen renovation service you can opt-in for a new sink and faucet, complete with plumbing and remodelling to make your kitchen look its best.

Tiles and wall painting

What’s the best way to add yourself to the looks of the kitchen? Small things can make a great difference when it comes to transmitting warmth and joy. Make a change and put some tiles that express your creativity, change some colours that can make the rest of the kitchen a more welcoming place as it should be.

Custom cabinetry

Cooking is an art of its own, and as so it needs its own workshop where you can have all the tools laid out and your ideas cleared so that you can start working on your masterpiece for your whole family to enjoy. Find the joy in cooking again with new custom cabinetry with the purpose of easing your work and helping you find anything you need at the right time, and stop making cooking the mess of looking everywhere to end up not finding anything.

Lighting and electrical layouts

As time progresses, more and more of our daily life is becoming “smart” and runs on electricity. As most of the kitchen designs throughout Toronto are made tens of years ago, oftentimes their electrical layout can’t support all the modern appliances that you might need, or the plugs available are too far to reach.
Add new wiring and electrical layout to your kitchen and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Free consultation

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