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Commercial & Residential Painting Services

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For more than two decades in this field, what we have done is only dreams and visions of our clients in Commercial & Residential Painting Services. We are more than happy to guide our customers into the best experience in the market. Our work has always been considered high-quality and worth the payment. Every project given to us is treated with responsibility. All the painting jobs done are cured to detail. Our team makes sure that the outcome will be incomparable. They are not only qualified for residential and commercial painting, but also for any kind of renovations from very small jobs to installing new kitchens and more. We try to have the best customer service and to listen in detail to every idea and opinion that our client has. For more detailed information, suggestions and prices please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at (647) 889-7967.

What is Residential Painting?

Residential painting is a job that consists mainly of the painting of smaller spaces like houses and other smaller-scale jobs. Usually, residential painters work on a regular basis from Monday till Friday. If you want to paint your house you can call anytime so we can arrange the best time suitable for you. Here at JXF Painting, we take it very seriously the difference between residential and commercial paintings, and that’s why we train our staff to become experts in different duties. Our team specialized in residential painting will transform your house in a matter of days.

What is a commercial painting?

On the contrary to residential painting, commercial painting consists of jobs with larger scales. We have a specialized team only for commercial spaces like stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, etc. For commercial painting, JXF offers its services anytime it is convenient for you. We understand that the time spent on painting your offices and business translates to money losses. That’s why we schedule our job, on days and hours when the building is less crowded with workers or on your day off.

Difference between Commercial and Residential Painting

  • The scale of the painting. The biggest difference between commercial and residential painting services is the scale of the project. Commercial spaces require a lot more human resources, planning, and paint. Even multi-apartment buildings rank as commercial jobs because of their large scale.   
  • Scheduling. As we said earlier many businesses do not afford to lose precious working time for painting work. We at JXF Painting understand that and that’s why we adapt to your needs and can work even in odd hours, not to intervene with the natural flow of your business.  
  • Experience of painters. Because of the different difficulty between these two types of jobs, we adapt our staff to either job. The most experienced workers are prepared for the most difficult commercial paintings with high ceilings etc. 
  • How Much Paint and the Quality of Paint Needed for Each. The quality and the amount of paint is also an important factor that we need to consider while planning for commercial painting jobs especially. Homes and other residential projects require only a few cans of paint and that’s why homeowners usually go for the best quality paints.

What to Expect from JXF Painting

Our rich experience in the market has made us prepared and fix all the initial problems of planning and communication with our customers. Before starting with the painting process we follow three simple steps: the consultation, the painting estimate and proposal, and then the actual painting experience.

    1. The Consultation. If you start with the right foot, half of the job is done. That’s why we take this step very seriously. After the first call after you contact us, we set up an appointment so we can talk in further detail. After the consultation, we both learn everything we need to know, like the colours you like, when you are free and the amount you want to spend. Here is a good time for you to ask questions and learn everything you want to know about us. 
    2. The Painting Estimate and Proposal. At the estimate and proposal process, we provide all the measurements and the total cost of the work. Also, we discuss the last things before starting work. Some of those things are, for example, which primer, how many coats, and insurance documentation.
    3. The Actual Painting Experience. And the last things to talk about on the first day of the actual painting process are things like: 
      • First and last room to be painted
      • An emergency contact number if things go wrong 
      • Will, there be any pets or children on the job site
      • Parking spaces, and other use of utilities like electricity and water
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