How often should the interior house painting? This question arises in the mind of every house owner. The typical answer is that the painting depends on the decors of the house. If colors are outdated, looking very dull, or you are the new resident of the house and the colors are not your favorite, then the house interiors need to be painted. At the present scenario, the increased durability of the acrylic paint is a boom to the homeowners because of the long durability and non-yellowing characteristics of the paints.

Rooms that need often to be painted:


1. Hallways and Corridors

The hallways and corridors are the places that take most of the traffic and often see a lot of wear and tear. The walls take the fingerprints, scuff marks, and there is a possibility of dents and cracks at the bottom. If you have used washable paint, it is easy to wash off the dirt. The dents and cracks at the corners of the walls can be patched and repaired using the same color shade. If the cracks are in the middle, then they should be fixed. According to most of the customers, the hallways are painted more frequently than the other areas of the home.

2. Bedrooms

If a bedroom needs to be painted, this is depending on the persons using it. If it used by youngers or especially by children, means that has much work on it. JXF Painting Service recommends to use chalk paint for one of the walls, to encourage the children to present their creativity, and also the other walls are safe from the activity of the children.

3. Living and Dining Rooms

Living and dining rooms are the most used rooms in the house and often take heavy traffic. Lots of activity happening in these rooms, and so the wear and tear of the paint occur frequently. Taking all these reasons into account, painting the living and dining rooms is necessary for every 5 to 7 years.

4. Other Rooms

Other rooms in the house are kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry. These rooms are the busiest rooms. In those rooms, the paint should be more durable, because has more activities in them. The rooms also need to be ventilated to have the moisture or humidity escape and keep the paint dry.

5. Interior House Painting Partner

Has too many structural reasons that decide the painting time of the rooms. If you are the new persons coming to the house, then you need to see that all the cracks need to be repaired and new paint applied. Choose JXF Painting Service as your partner. With our qualified staff and the best equipment, you will have the best interior house painting ever. Call us at (647) 889-7967 or send us an email [email protected]