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How To Paint A Porch

paint a porch

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There are various types of the porch, ranging from farmhouse to bungalow. Maybe painting a porch might seem like a daunting task, but if we follow the right steps it isn’t as bad as it seems! With a great plan and professionalism from our team, you can make your porch look new in no time! Paint a porch means a better home appearance.

Types of porches

Screened in porch: gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining the serenity of the indoors. For the screen of the porch consider choosing a different color than the porch floor.

Front porch: Going with a solid natural color and traditional wood stains seem to look very gorgeous on your front porch.

Farmer’s porch: farmhouse style is very IN for 2021. The most dominant color of this style is bold red. With a bold red floor, subtle white accents, comfy seats, and accessories you will create a rustic welcome atmosphere.

Preparing the painting area

  1. Remove all items from your porch. That’s the first step that should do
  2. Clean it, sweeping away dust and debris
  3. Tape areas you want to keep clean
  4. Spray down the surface of your porch with a power washer or a high-pressure garden hose
  5. Sand and scrape your porch to remove any existing paint
  6. If the surface has never been painted, you should mix a muriatic acid solution before painting it

Priming and painting a porch

  1. Prime your porch with exterior primer
  2. Let the primer dry at least 8 hours, before applying a second coat
  3. Apply the first coat of paint once the primer is dry
  4. Let the paint to dry at least 8 hours before applying a second coat
  5. Apply sealant if you’re working on a concrete porch
  6. To have a perfect result wait 2 days before walking on the porch

Reasons to hire a professional team for your porch painting

Painting is not as simple as you might think, because it usually requires professional care. The porch is half of the beauty of your home so don’t risk if you think you don’t have enough experience to do that. Hiring a professional team like JXF Painting also gives you the opportunity to have professional advice.

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Why Us?

Working with professional exterior house painting contractors like JXF Painting Service Team means you have access to their years of experience. Only the most our skilled craftsmen can assure you that from start to finish, they can perform and complete their job according to the highest professional standards, the safest procedures are done, and they can ensure you only get results you can be very proud of.

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