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How to Create Focal Points in The Living Room


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The concept of a focal point is frequently discussed in the realm of design. It’s a fundamental design principle that extends beyond the realm of interior design. It’s something that’s used in everything from photography and art to fashion—yes, you might be thinking about it when getting ready in the morning! So, what exactly is a focal point?

In general, it’s the focal point of an image, a space, or a vital piece of clothing that captures the viewer’s attention. It’s the area of the room you notice first when we’re talking about a living room, usually because it’s more dramatic than the other surrounding elements. Consider entering a blinding white room as an example. If the sole thing in the room is a large window, that will be the first thing you notice, and it will be the focal point.

What is the value of a focal point in a living room? It aids in the centering of the area and serves as an anchor point. All the minor parts of your room may feel cluttered if you don’t create a focal point, and they may not appear to be connected. It’s a crucial component of any space, and it’s something you should think about when remodeling your living room.

When it comes to focal points, the biggest secret is that you can have more than one! Most living rooms include a few natural elements that pull the eye in, so it’s only natural to let them shine! (You don’t have to choose just one to highlight if you have a large picture window on one wall, a fireplace on another, and a really great sofa.)

Consider how they interact with one another before beginning to plan your area. When you go into a room, you may see one item, but after you sit down, your focus will move to the person across from you. It could be as basic as how you arrange your furniture to draw attention to many components at the same time, or how you employ color in your room.

Focal Point Ideas for The Living Room

So, now that you know what a focal point is, where do you look for one in your living room? Let’s start with the elements that are already present in the space. Take a peek at the walls first.

Most living rooms only have one or two entire walls that are free of doorways or closets, making them excellent focus points. Highlighting walls may be done in a variety of ways, from wallpaper and boldly colorful accent walls to adding art or mirrors to attract attention to them.

Fireplaces are another great example of a built-in element that works as a focal point. If you’ve got a mantle, you can use paint or different finishes to make it stand out, and even place your TV or a cool piece of artwork above it to make it stand out even more. They’re a natural focal point because they break up a solid wall and create some added texture.

Windows are also apparent focal points in a space, especially if you have huge windows with a beautiful view. Your eye will naturally focus on your window if it is at the opposite end of the area from the doorway, so you won’t need to add much to it. If you have a smaller window, consider using it as a feature wall or placing a piece of statement furniture in front of it to draw attention to it.

Focal points are also primarily dictated by function, which means they are decided by how you intend to use the space. These can be items that aren’t built into the area but that you want to make a statement with. Set up your furniture to face a huge screen TV and add unique components surrounding it, such as placing it on top of a cool shelf unit with some cool decorative pieces below it.

Walls of Feature as Focal Points

Adding some vivid color to a room is one of our favorite ways to create a focal point. Choose one wall to work with and leave the others in a more natural, toned-down color. This could be a basic wall that you want to dress up with some cool wallpaper or a bold paint color that draws attention to a piece of art or makes your sofa stand out. 

Make a list of a handful of your favorite items in the space and choose a color that matches the colors in those pieces to create the perfect feature wall. Whether your chosen wall contains built-in components such as a fireplace mantle or shelving, consider if you want to paint those elements a different color to make them stand out, or if you want them to blend in more.

If your living room has a few focus areas, you can utilize color to assist guide people’s attention throughout the room. When you go into a living room, for example, a wide window at the end of the room may draw your eye right away, so you can make that wall more subdued. Save your bright colors for the next feature you want to draw attention to, such as a fireplace or a TV wall.

Other Focal Points

In addition, every piece on your living space can act as a focal point for example:

  • Side tables;
  • Floor lamps;
  • Coffee tables;
  • Light fixtures;
  • Wall decors;


JXF Painting Service can help you remodel your living area and create those fantastic focus points when you’re ready! We provide free consultations so that we can assess your area and assist you in determining what you require.

Whether you’re having trouble deciding which colors to use or need help to organize your focal points, we’re here to help! You’ll be delighted when painting day arrives and you have a fully new living room in just one day! To get started, schedule a no-cost, no-obligation estimate now!

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