Handyman Services Toronto

Do you have problems with your home that are troubling you? Are you looking for home fixes or improvements, to have better living conditions for you and your family? Are you looking to add new spaces and redecorate? Maybe adding some colour or texture would revitalize your living space? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the best place. With JXF Painting Services handyman services Toronto and our team of professionals, all of these services are just one call away. Below you can find some of our handyman services:


Bad or degraded plumbing can cause an array of issues, water damage of the home being the least of those. Degraded plumbing can cause bacteria and mould to enter the water system and to also spread in the air. Also as tubes get weaker, they can break inside walls, making it appear only when the damage has affected a large space. That is why your plumbing should always be monitored and that you choose a good provider of services such as plumbing, tubing, fixing leaks and corrosion, dealing with black water, and replacement and restoration of the plumbing system.


We offer quality wood-work through our technicians and partners for use in construction, furniture, and various forms of framing to be used for both the inner and outer walls of your home.


A subpar electrical system is a leading cause of fire damage throughout Canada. A small spark or malfunction can ignite any surrounding objects and structures making your whole home turn into a fiery risk of life. That is why you should always make sure to take care and maintain your electrical system for your home, and do any electrical work in a professional manner before it’s too late.

Water and Fire damage

Water and fire can cause a toll on your home, and if not handled immediately it can turn into a life hazard and spiral out of control requiring the need for more and more replacement of parts. If any fire or water emergency comes your way, make sure to contact us as soon as possible for the repairs and remediation.

Grounds Maintenance

Often times the external of your home has much more of an effect than the internal of our homes. We all need that feeling of being close to nature, where tall trees and green grass can make everyone calmer, but not everyone has the time to do the maintenance by themselves. Choose our handyman services for your lawn and garden, and enjoy being one step closer to nature.

Painting and Decorating

Adding a new colour or texture to your walls is no longer a task that will take up to a week to finish and a timeless mess of moving furniture and cleaning the area. With our home painting and decorating service, we can finish any required design in no more than a couple of days. Give a new look to your living space and your life will change along with it.

General Labourers

For any task requiring physical labour or craftsmanship including repairing, moving materials, relocating furniture, re-designing, and offering solutions for your home’s needs, JXF Painting Services is a company with you can trust your hard decisions with.

For any of the above-mentioned services, we use top of the line, quality materials that are assured to last for the years to come.