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Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes


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When walking around the neighborhood or anywhere, I personally like to take a look at people’s houses. I try to observe with my amateur critical eye, how their exterior paint color compliments the architectural structure of the house. When it comes to choosing the best paint color for the exterior of your house, it’s important to find a color that works with the style of architecture and also that captures your personal style. What makes me most interested in this painting thing, is how well are brick homes painted and what color they’ve chosen, and if that color goes with the brick style.

Brick homes are homes with a lot of character and dimension. They can be traditional and contemporary at the same time. Brick can be painted but surely will look great when left in its natural tone. Since brick is a warm muted earth color, also the color we pick to paint the exterior of the house should be a muted tone and not a bright fresh one. We want colors that compliment the red brick, not work against it, so you have to choose color variations that will keep the home looking cohesive.

 Another important thing to consider is to combine the shades in the right proportions. Try using the 60:30:10 rule. 60% is the dominant color, 30% secondary hue, and 10% the accent color. In many cases, the color of the brick itself is the dominant color. 

Brick comes in a variety of hues and undertones. Use this as a guide to help you choose the right color. Let us suggest some of our favorites. 

Cream or neutral.

Since it’s a neutral color it will go well with any shade of the bricks. Not being a bright white will provide a warm stand out for the brick part of the house and will complement any other accent colors.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes

Shades of warm red.

Being an attractive color this bold choice will make a statement. Since brick’s main tone is red, plus adding white woodwork of course it will work very well. 

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes

Muted blues.

Having a blue house doesn’t always require living by the sea, right? It suits well the brick color and gives a serious yet nautical spirit vibe. 

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes


Sage green is appearing everywhere. A luscious garden will make it look like a fairy place. White or beige woodwork and accents will give a very clean feel.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes

Burnt orange.

Again making statements but also keeping it low key. Brown woodwork and spaces with bricks will make it look super warm and welcoming. 

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes


Grey is very sophisticated and timeless. It’s the main color choice for the exterior and interior. No matter what tone the grey is, crisp white woodwork will give a very clean and modern look. 

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes


It may seem a little unusual but actually is a great option for vintage and historical feel. It will make your house stand out and look rich and with a good sense of architecture.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes


Last but not least, black is always there for you. All brick homes with black shutters and accents will make them look very British in a good way of course. If you like rustic style, this will fulfill your desire for a timeless and contemporary look. Black is a great contrasting color for brick homes.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes

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