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Drywall Repair On A Basement Ceiling

drywall repair

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Drywall Repair On A Basement Ceiling

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When you paint or repair the home basement, you know as well that the ceiling generally proves to be the most tedious task. Drywall repair is one of the most cost-effective techniques to cover the floor joists and beams.

The drywall installation process requires precise measurements and enough strength to undertake. So JXF Painting Service has some steps for the drywall repair in your basement ceiling.

Measure The Area Where You Have To Do a Drywall Repair

Before starting the process, make sure you have the correct measurements of the ceiling. Have the exact dimensions and then decide on the number of drywall sheets that are required.

Clean And Repair The Walls

When you make a drywall repair process, you must have a surface that is free of oils and other substances. We will ensure about this before we start the drywall repair. Also, we use light-bristled srub to scrub the walls, we ensure that are no cracks and holes in the walls, and clean and repair all of the cracks and fixtures we located.

Should Hang Full Sheets Of Drywall To The Basement Ceiling :

We start work from a corner of the basement and mark the position of joists on the sheet. After that, we keep the drywall sheet in the desired place of the basement ceiling. We use different types of pins and techniques. After that, we make cuts in drywall for the fixtures in the ceiling depending on the size of the drywall repair.

Taping And Covering With The Mud To The Drywall Repair:

After the drywall is hung onto the ceiling, we see if ceiling joists are available for support. In addition to these joists, drywall screws are also used to have the drywall in their correct places. By coating with mud, we will get the finished product to be a lot of polished.

Choose The Right Partner:

Working with professional interior house painters like JXF Painting Service Team means you have access to their years of experience. Only the most our skilled craftsmen can assure you that from start to finish, they can perform and complete their job according to highest professional standards, safest procedures are done, and they can ensure you only get results you can be very proud.

Drywall Basement Tips:

  • Use Setting Compound for Big Holes

It is recommended to fill screw holes and other small wall dings with patching compound, but for dime-size and larger drywall repairs, and for holes that are deep, it’s better to use a joint compound that sets up by a chemical reaction.

  • You have to do a Dent for the Patching Compound

When you remove a nail, drywall anchor, or picture hanger, there is commonly a little ridge of old paint or drywall sticking out that’s hard to cover with patching material. The solution is to do a dent over the hole, and then fill the dent.

  • Cover Cracks with Renovation Spray

Stress cracks commonly show up around window and door openings. The cracks are the result of framing movement and are hard to fix for a long time. But using spray-on crack renovation is the best way to at least extend the life of your repair.

  • Rent a Drywall Lift for Ceiling Work

If you have to drywall a ceiling, never hesitate to rent a lift. It’s very valuable the daily rental fee and is by far the best manner to get a ceiling up without back strain.

  • Minimize as Many Drywall Butt Joints as You Can

To hide parts where two non-tapered ends of drywall meet, you should build up a hump of joint compound that’s very thin and wide. This needs a lot of time-consuming and difficult to do too. So if you’re a novice drywall finisher, avoiding butt joints is smart.

  • Use Mini Drywall Saw

A coarse jigsaw blade mounted in a scrap of wood makes a handy little drywall saw. It’s easy to carry and is the right one for cutting around electrical boxes and other tight spots.

  • Solo Drywall Hanging

Hanging that top course of drywall is challenging when you’re working only. Make the job easier by creating a simple bracket between 1 and 2 ft. from each end of the sheet with a couple of 16d nails. Just sink them into the studs 48-1/2 in. down from the ceiling and about 1 in. deep.

  • Smash Protruding Drywall

Periodically window and door jambs end up slightly recessed, which causes trouble when it comes time to install trim. You have to correct minor level differences by either bashing in or cutting out the drywall along the edge of the jamb. It is recommended to be careful to prevent going beyond what will be covered by the trim.

  • Hanging Drywall Vertically: Proper Edge Support

Framing at inside corners is usually inadequate or lacking altogether, making it impossible to fasten the edge of the drywall (left). The solution is to inspect the framing before you start hanging drywall.

  • Fast Patch Backing

If you are installing a drywall patch, you have got to screw the patch to something. Commonly, that means installing wood backing. But here is a faster and simple method: Screw drywall repair clips to the surrounding drywall and screw in the patch.

  • Use Self-Priming Filler

Patches made with traditional patching materials need to be primed with a sealing-type primer before painting. Otherwise the patched areas could show through the finished paint job as foggy spots.


Basement Drywall Repair Process is a complicated task that can make things messed up in a way that cannot be undone. So don’t lose time and call a professional company like JXF Painting Service at (647) 889-7967 to help you. Our experts have years of experience in the drywall installation so your ceiling and all the house will be in safe hands.

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