Commercial Renovations Service

Are you looking for a trusted and experienced contractor who can deal with your commercial renovations and give a boost to your business? Are you looking for a company that can give a new, interesting look at your company?

If your place is less vivid, tends to be boring to employees and clients, and consequentially does not bring as much business as it should to the company, then it is time for you to consider a makeover. Even something as small as changing the wall colour, some furniture, or adding some plants can make a world of difference to your place.

At JXF Painting Service, we are a full-service commercial renovations contractor that is equipped to deal with every stage of the renovation. We can help deal with the planning, buildout, casework, service work, and maintenance support further along the way.

Office Spaces

JXF Painting can help refurbish your office space by helping you attract great employees and customers. We do the necessary changes as per your design needs while maintaining the requested theme and with a focus on maximizing the available space. We help make your offices look inviting and welcoming, giving a boost to results and helping achieve your full potential.


Food serving locations need special care when it comes to commercial renovations. We need to design the welcoming and eating area to look unique in order to attract clients bored off by the monotony that we commonly see in other food-serving areas. As for the kitchen, any changes made will need to be able to withstand the heat and moisture that is present there. In addition, throughout picking materials, we need to pick only the ones that are resistant to odours so that it would not require a very frequent cleanup.

Commercial Renovations – Hotels

When it comes to the commercial renovations of hotels or motels, there are two options: The first option is to keep a steady design throughout all the rooms and suites. This is good if you want to maintain a classy look that blends with the rest of the hotel. The second option is for your hotel to be a cocktail of different designs and experiences. You can choose to have a different design and nature for every room so that every room can be a different experience and a push for every client to explore and return to your hotel to experience the rest.

Our services apply to a wide variety of businesses and industries and can help boost your business results and income. We can help your employees and clients be happier and more inspired in your environments while giving it an interesting new look. For more information contact our 24/7 support at (647) 889-7967 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]