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Choosing Interior Garage Paint Colors

interior garage painting

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When it comes to painting your house, your garage is likely to be the final place on your list. It makes sense since, for most people, the garage is just practical. It’s where you keep your cars, seasonal things, tools, and anything else you’re not sure where to keep. However, the color and kind of paint you pick for your garage is critical! Before you grab any old type and color of paint, there are a few things you should think about.

Things To Think About When Painting Your Garage

First and foremost, consider how you will use the area. Is it just a storage space, or do you spend time there working on other painting projects? Do you keep your automobiles parked inside? Or do you use your garage for something else, like an at-home gym or an extra room? All of these factors should be considered when selecting the appropriate paint color and finish.

The Room’s Functionality

White or beige is a fantastic choice if you mostly utilize your garage for storage. These hues make your garage tidy and useful. If you have a decent organizing system in place, these classic neutral tones may serve as a perfect backdrop for color-coded bins, various forms of shelving, and cabinets, and can help you find items more easily.

Bright white, on the other hand, may not be the greatest choice if you use your garage as a workstation or to park and work on your automobiles since it will expose every trace of dirt and filth. In this situation, a somewhat deeper neutral, such as gray or tan, is preferable. These hues can assist to conceal dirt and scuff marks and offer visual appeal to the area, which is useful if you spend a lot of time working in your garage.

If you utilize your garage as an extension of your living area, you may experiment with color a little more. Because most garages don’t have much natural light, you’ll want to select colors that make the area appear brighter, whether it’s a gaming room, a home gym, or just a spot to hang out. To make the space feel warmer, choose softer colors of blue or green, or white with warmer overtones of yellow or pink.

Of course, as with any room, you can always experiment with darker or brighter hues but bear in mind that these colors must function in a place with little natural light. For more ideas, see our blog post on painting gloomy spaces.

Conditions Of The Garage

When it comes to selecting the correct sort of paint, the state of your garage is crucial. The first thing to consider is the surface you’re dealing with. Because not all garages are entirely completed with drywall and insulation, the kind of surface varies from garage to garage. If you have drywall or concrete, you can generally use the same sort of typical water-based interior paint that you use throughout your home. If you have metal surfaces, you may need to use oil-based paint.

The room’s temperature and humidity are also essential. You may use ordinary interior paint on the walls of your garage if it is climate-regulated. If your garage is poorly insulated or is subject to excessive humidity, search for a paint that has a mildewcide component to help it resist mold development.

Finally, you should consider durability. This is related to how you want to use your space—if you intend to use it for storage, a workstation, or to park your vehicles, a semi-gloss or gloss finish may be a better choice. Though these finishes reflect light more and may highlight defects on your walls, they are tougher and more resilient, simpler to clean, and more resistant to scuffs, scratches, and dampness. If your garage is more of a living environment than a workspace, however, a more matte, eggshell, or satin finish will do a better job of masking defects and absorbing more light.

Are you ready to makeover your garage? JXF Painting is here to help whether you simply need a touchup for your present area or you’re considering a full-on garage remodel! We can assist you in selecting the correct color and kind of paint for your garage, and we’ll have your newly painted area ready for you in no time! To begin, get your free, no-obligation quote today!

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