It all depends on many different factors to come out with a price. Speaking about the average bathroom renovation cost in Toronto, expect to pay between $4500 and $12500. Before starting to plan the renovation, you have to make sure that the renovation fits within your budget.
An average bathroom in Toronto measures between 80 and 100 square feet. You expect to pay an average of $11,364 according to 2016 estimates by the Bath Association, which include materials and labor costs.

You might want a complete remodel, a new shower, new cabinets because each one of these services costs money and will add costs to your overall price.

Average Bathroom Renovation Cost.

Starting with the cost of bathroom demolition, it costs around $2,200 and it takes a few days. You will start with demolition to tear down the floors and walls.
A licensed plumber is needed to connect water pipes and to install such fixtures as the shower, toilet. If you want to save money, try not to move the location of the previous drain and water fixtures.
Before the walls are completely formed the wiring must be done. Outlets and wires are positioned according to design. On average, lighting and wiring will cost you between $1,800 and $2,300.


You have to think also for tiles. Most Toronto baths have tiles on the bath, the floors, and the walls. The average cost of buying tiles and hiring a tile installer ranging from $3000 to $4000.
Tub, shower, and toilet costs depend on the brand. Showers and tubs can cost as much as $2500. The average cost of a toilet ranges from $240 to $510. Therefore, the average cost of an entire set is $2200.

Try to save money.

If it is possible, do not move piping and drainage to keep the plumbing cost down. You can install liners or refinish your old bathtub. Reducing bathroom renovation cost is also possible by grandfathering in the old bathroom wiring if the local permitting office allows. Try to skip the fancy toilets because you don’t need them to have a nice bathroom. Shop around and try to find the best prices where you can save money.

It might be hard to think about what is needed to be changed in your bathroom. If you think to go for a fancier product of materials, you will have to pay more out of your pocket. You have to also think about the cost of labor because the contractors are not going to work for free. Homeowners choose to renovate their bathrooms because they want a comfortable and beautiful space.

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