Before choosing a painting company for complete home painting, interior and exterior house painting or even renovation, keep an eye on the tips below. Painting your house should be taken seriously because a low-quality painting service could affect the structure and the appearance of your house negatively. That’s why below we have some recommendations for you to avoid mistakes which may cost you money, time and energy.

1. Decision-making pressure

For sure you might have been in a situation where you were looking for a decent painting company to have your house painted and among other things you had to choose the right person to do the right work. A situation like that is usually surrounded by limited time and pressure of taking the right decision. This creates anxiety itself, so keep calm and break things down. You should be aware that decisions taken in the hurry and under pressure are usually wrong.

2. First, come first choose

Unfortunately, many of us fall prey to that. Just recall some of the cases where you chose the first product that appeared on a pop-up ad on the screen or chose the first company you saw on the Google search or selected the first store you visit. The same happens with choosing painters in Toronto. So never choose the first painters you encounter because statistically proven, you could have better options as regards your home painting. Remember that your selection should be based on your needs and not on what you stumble on.

3. Publicity means good

Another mistake most of people do is choosing the most advertised companies. Nowadays advertising has become relatively cheap, especially on internet platforms so almost any company regardless of the size or painting expertise can advertise and get leads. Therefore, do not get your final decision prior to extensive research.

Try choosing based on reviews or on word of mouth. Ask someone who had tried the service you are looking for, in this case, a home painting company. HomeStars is a good indicator of the companies’ validity and performance, so consider it too.

There are a lot of small companies that do not focus their work on publicity but in the quality of getting the job done properly.

4. Don’t follow your heart

Following your heart means to follow your subconscious which is highly affected by the repetition of the advertising campaigns. For this reason, the only way to get the right decision is to focus on the companies’ experience, portfolio, and review.

5. Is the paint certified?

Most of the people do not ask what paints are used and what their characteristics are. Professional painting companies expose the painting products they use on their official websites or even on social media pages. Choose eco-friendly and non-toxic paints that do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs)